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Tourist attraction Taman Dayu Alam Asri

Tourist attraction Taman Dayu Alam Asri - Dayu Alam Asri or often known to the public as Dayu Park is one of the tourist attraction that is in Sragen. This park is very suitable for recreation with family, friends or couples. Have you ever visited this place? A time for you to visit this place because you have nothing to lose in this place.

20 kilometers from the Solo city, Central Java province, there is an tourist attraction themed rustic with a little touch of modern namely Taman Dayu or also known as Taman Dayu Alam Asri. This tourist attraction is situated in the Dayu village and administratively entered Sragen regency. Themes raised by this tourist attraction was both entertaining and educational. So this tourist attraction is perfect to be a place for family recreation with children.

Wide of tourist attraction Taman Dayu is five hectares and many are surrounded by teak trees make this place more beautiful and cool. Many of the visitors who come to this place if they want to avoid the crowded atmosphere of the city and looking for a place to relax and unwind for while during the holiday. Here also there is modern touches like a playground complete with rides and facilities that have been provided. Children can be play while learning in the Taman Dayu.

Dayu park

One of the most interesting area in this region is the Mini Zoo with a complete collection of animals from around the world such as hawk, deer, peacock, kangaroo, snake and so forth. In fact, this zoo also has various collections of rare animals. In addition to invite your child to this zoo, you can also take them to the traffic park. Here, your children can play while learning about traffic rules on the road.

Sign further into Dayu Alam Asri park area, there is a tourist attraction swimming pool with complete facilities and water play exciting rides. Those who prefer the outdoor then could try to surround Dayu river with rent a boat canoes that provided. In addition to traveling around the Dayu river, you can also do flying fox activities that challenge above the Dayu river.

The location of tourist attraction Taman Dayu
Taman Dayu is located in the Dayu village, Sragen subdistrict, Sragen regency, Central Java province. From the Solo city is approximately 20 kilometers. You can also pass Palur toward Sragen. If you depart from the east (Semarang), then you can skip Purwodadi toward Solo. Until the Gemolong intersection, turn left toward Sragen.

The admission price to Taman Dayu
Entrance ticket to the Taman Dayu, the visitors are charged a fee of IDR 5,000 for adult and children who are 3 years old. This park is open every day starting at 07 am to 05 pm. Parking fee for vehicle only IDR 5,000. If you get into rides area, you will be charged again between IDR 3,000 - 10,000. Enter into mini zoo every person will be charged IDR 3,000.

Souvenirs typical of Taman Dayu
Sragen regency is known as a producer of handmade batik and printing products. This place is located in the Batik Kliwonan tourism village, Masaran subdistrict. You can learn batik from start to finish be batik. This place also provides typical meal includes garut chips, tempeh crispy and rice crust.

Similarly had some information about tourist attraction Taman Dayu Alam Asri. You need to visit this place to fill your holiday. Make sure your holiday is fun in this place.

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