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12 Beautiful tourist attractions in the Wonogiri regency

12 Beautiful tourist attractions in the Wonogiri regency - Wonogiri is one of the regencies in Central Java province and included in the former residence of Surakarta. The location of Wonogiri regency is in the south of the Solo city. In the north, Wonogiri regency bordering with Karanganyar and Sukoharjo regency. In the south, directly adjacent to the Indonesian Ocean. In the east, bordering with Ponorogo, Magetan, and Pacitan regency (East Java). As well as in the west, bordering with Gunung Kidul regency (Yogyakarta). Wonogiri southern region bordered by the South ocean. Thus, Wonogiri has several beach tourism are quite beautiful. However, due to the lack of structuring and promotion of government, causing beach tourism in Wonogiri less crowded. Here are 12 Beautiful tourist attractions in the Wonogiri regency more:
  1. Binangun Watu Jadah waterfall => Binangun Watu Jadah waterfall is a tourist attraction that still hidden in Wonogiri. This place is not many people know because to achieve it requires an overland trip with a walk of about one hour, passing through rice fields and hills of Lawu Selatan mountain. Binangun Watu Jadah waterfall is located in the Grenjeng hamlet, Girimulyo village, Jatipurno sub-district, Wonogiri regency, Central Java province.
    Binangun Watu Jadah waterfall
  2. Gajah Mungkur reservoir => Talk about tourist attraction in Wonogiri feels incomplete if it does not address Gajah Mungkur reservoir. Tourist attraction Gajah Mungkur reservoir has become one of the icon tourism in Wonogiri. Gajah Mungkur reservoir located only about 3 kilometers from the Wonogiri city. It is an artificial reservoir that was built for agricultural purposes. Gajah Mungkur reservoir was built in 1970 and was completed in 1978. Gajah Mungkur reservoir has an area of approximately 8,800 hectares and can irrigate thousands of hectares of rice fields in Sragen, Karanganyar, Sukoharjo, and Klaten regency. Currently, at the location of Gajah Mungkur reservoir be used as a tourist attraction crowded visited by many tourists from different regions. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the reservoir as well as enjoy a variety of fish results were very tasty from the reservoir.
    Gajah Mungkur reservoir
  3. Nampu beach => Tourist attraction Nampu beach in Wonogiri has scenery of the white sand and rocks are very beautiful. This beach is arguably still beautiful and not many human touchable. Fresh and clean coastal air become the main attraction. Nampu beach is located in the Paranggupito sub-district, Wonogiri. To reach it can be done by taking a public bus from Solo city direction to Paranggupito sub-district. The admission price is very cheap at only amounted to IDR 2,000.
    Nampu beach
  4. Banyutowo beach => Tourist attraction beach of this one in Wonogiri is also contained in the Paranggupito sub-district. Precisely, the Banyutowo beach is located in the Gudangharjo village, Paranggupito sub-district, Wonogiri regency. The name of this beach is 'Banyutowo' which means fresh water. It means that on this beach there is a fresh water comes from rivers in the vicinity. On this beach, there is also a scenery of beautiful coral stone so it is very unfortunate to miss.
  5. Sembukan beach => In additions Nampu and Banyutowo beach, evidently in the Paranggupito sub-district there is also others beach namely Sembukan beach. This beach, in addition to having a beautiful scenery, it is also used as a place to meditate and seek a blessing for the residents around the beach. At a certain time, on the location of Sembukan beach held 'larung ceremony' and the Wayang show as an expression of gratitude to God. In addition to tourist attraction, the Sembukan beach also used as the location of fishing which is certainly exciting.
    Sembukan beach
  6. Setren waterfall => If in Karanganyar regency have Tawangmangu waterfall, in the Wonogiri regency also has tourist attraction such as the waterfall is Setren waterfall. Setren waterfall is located in the Setren village, Slogohimo sub-district, Wonogiri regency. The location of this waterfall is about 30 kilometers east of the Wonogiri city. Every day, the location of this tourism crowded visited by the tourists who normally by young couples and nature lovers.
    Setren waterfall
  7. Surfboard arena of Gantole sport => Gantole and paragliding are one of the sports that is quite challenging so it requires guts high. In the Wonogiri, there is also a special place that can be used for hang gliding sport. This place is located in the hill of Sendang village. This surfboard arena is already commonly used by athletes of hang gliding and paragliding level of Central Java. There are two levels of altitude namely 200 meters and 400 meters. For those of you who want to try this sport, can directly come to Wonogiri.
    Paragliding sport
  8. Kahyangan spiritual tourism => Spiritual tourism is commonly used by citizens to nenepi and tirakat. In traditional Javanese, tirakat is usually to achieve a goal. Kahyangan spiritual tourism is situated in the Tirtomoyo sub-district, Wonogiri regency. According to local residents, Kahyangan is a place where the founder of Mataram kingdom, Sutowijoyo commit tirakat. On his tirakat, Sutowijoyo can communicate with the Queen of the South and made an agreement to build the Mataram kingdom. In the history of Java land, finally, Mataram kingdom can take control Java land and became one of kingdom respected by other kingdoms in Nusantara (Indonesia).
    Kahyangan spiritual tourism
  9. Putri Kencono cave => Putri Kencono cave have a very beautiful scenery in the form stalactite and stalagmite along the cave. This cave has its own uniqueness which has an area of approximately 1.000 square meters as well as the track that can penetrate the hill behind it. Putri Kencono cave is located in the Wonodadi village, Pracimantoro sub-district, Wonogiri regency or within 40 kilometers from the Wonogiri city.
    Putri Kencono cave
  10. Indonesian wayang museum => Indonesian wayang museum is located in Wonogiri has similarities with the Wayang Museum in Jakarta is equally save the collection in the form of Wayang which is the valuable cultural heritage of the Java community. The wayang that became the museum's collection there are various kinds of them were wayang suket, wayang topeng, wayang kulit, wayang golek, etc. With the presence of puppet museum, expected to be a ride of learning for young people to get to know one of the original cultural of Indonesia. Wayang museum in Wonogiri is precisely located in the Wuryantoro sub-district.
    Indonesian wayang museum
  11. World karst museum => World karst museum is located in the Gebangharjo village, Pracimantoro sub-district, Wonogiri regency or is about 38 kilometers from Wonogiri city to the south. Definition of Karst by Wikipedia is a form of the earth's surface are generally characterized by the cave, surface drainage, and closed depression. This area is formed mainly by dissolving rock, mostly limestone. Karst in the form of limestone mountains stretching from regencies of Wonogiri, Pacitan, and Gunung Kidul. World karst museum was built for the purpose of providing information about the karst region to all parties for the sake of science, education, educative tourism, conservation and community empowerment.
    World karst museum
  12. Alas Kethu => Alas Kethu is a forest in the Wonogiri city, with an area of 40 hectares is used as the city's lungs. Alas Kethu lot of overgrown by trees that have hundreds of years old such as teak, mahogany, and cajuput. The legend says that in the past during the construction of Surakarta palace, one of the materials used is wood from Alas Kethu Wonogiri. The timber is washed away through Bengawan Solo river get to Solo city.
    Alas Kethu

Thus earlier, 12 beautiful tourist attractions in the Wonogiri regency as well as having a high potential for tourism development. These tourist attractions, when cultivated and promoted seriously will be able to increase local revenue significantly.

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