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The beauty of white sand Karang Jahe beach

Karang Jahe beach, beach tourism with white sand very broad in Rembang - Rembang regency is one of regencies in Central Java which is located directly adjacent to the Java Sea. That makes this regency has some very attractive beaches. One of the attractive beach in Rembang whose whereabouts have not been known by many people is the Karang Jahe beach. Karang Jahe beach has a natural scenery of the sea is very unique. Namely in the form of beach with white sand a broad and a row of pine trees lined up along the beach. The naming of Karang Jahe beach himself apparently because on this beach there are many pieces of coral that looks like is ginger. If you have not been there seems to be on the upcoming holidays, you have scheduled a visit with your beloved family. Especially for those of you who reside in Rembang regency and surrounding areas, guaranteed satisfaction visited this beach tourism. Note : Karang Jahe have meaning coral ginger.

The location of Karang Jahe beach
To visit the Karang Jahe beach in Rembang regency are not as hard. You just need to find the address Jahe Karang beach in the village of Punjulharjo, subdistrict of Rembang, Rembang regency. It could be said that location of this beach is not far from the capital region Rembang. Precise location is in the street Rembang-Lasem km 7.5, Punjulharjo village - Rembang. On the edge of this street there will be a gate that reads Punjulharjo village. You go to the north about 500 meters past the township will be directly to the Karang Jahe beach.

Karang Jahe beach

Facilities at Karang Jahe beach, Rembang
At Karang Jahe beach already there are various facilities which of course is intended for the convenience of visitors. When you get to the location of this beach, you will pass through the checkpoint and pay admission to a location that is very cheap at only IDR 2,000 alone. Then after that is already provided ample parking area. So for those of you who drive car though can be easily parked. On this beach themselves are also some rental tires as a float provided for those who want to swim in Karang Jahe beach. Karang Jahe beach has waves are quite calm and relatively safe for a shared bath on the beach. Nonetheless, you should be careful. Moreover, invites bathing at the beach with a toddler. Besides rental the tires, there are also atv rental, bath balls in the sea etc. As we expressed above that at the edge of Karang Jahe beach there are row pine trees that shade. Underneath it there are several food vendors are ready to provide a wide range of food menu for those who do not bring food.

Currently, Karang Taruna of Punjulharjo village was preparing manufacture gazebo visitors through PNPM Mandiri funds as well as donations from other parties concerned with the development of Karang Jahe beach area. Not only that, to improve the cluster of coral on the north of Karang Jahe beach, the Central Java provincial government also contributes a concrete block with the expectation that corals where they can grow. So it can become breeding grounds of fish and become a new tourist attraction such as fishing and diving. While handling the site of ancient boat until now still in the handling of Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall Central Java.

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