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5 Best tourist destinations for New Year celebration

5 Best tourist destinations for New Year celebration - Decide whether and how to celebrate the new year is not easy. New Year's Eve is regarded as one of the most important and celebrated by the whole world. Anybody would want to make the New Year's Eve be the perfect end to everything that has been passed in the previous year and be a good start to begin the next year with hope and a new spirit in their lives. Not a bit of celebrating New Year's Eve at home and just watch a re-run of Poseidon or K-drama favorite. If you are one of them, this year try to consider to make your new year be the evening's most interesting and fun to vacation in beautiful place with family and people you care about. Here are some lists of the best place to celebrate New Year's Eve :
  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil => If you are looking for the greatest experience once in a lifetime, Rio de Janeiro is one of the best destination to celebrate New Year's Eve. This place has always attracted more than two million people annually. Not only has the celebratory atmosphere outdoor very pleasant, but Brazil is also a place that has a strong tradition associated with the New Year's holiday, where everyone wore white. It is believed to bring good luck for life and the people you love. The famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro became the largest meeting point ahead of the New Year celebration. People flocked to the beach to watch the display of firework fired from a barge that has never been seen before.
    New Year in Copacabana beach
  2. Times Square, New York => Where is the best place to celebrate New Year's Eve in addition to New York, the city that never sleep? Ahead of the new year, the place is always crowded with those who want to see one of the most memorable event in the world. Times Square is not only attracts more than one million people to revelers counted down the seconds turn of the year, this celebration was broadcast live to millions of viewers watched all over the world to get a glimpse of a very interesting spectacle. Music acts Celebrity, a pyrotechnic light show alluring and New Year's Eve Wishing Wall are popular, where you can write down your expectation for the new year.
    New Year in Times Square
  3. Koh Phangan, Thailand => If you like to party, you may have heard about the big party the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, but the biggest party happens on New Year's Eve. It is one of the largest and well-known celebration on this planet. Countdown the New Year in this place is always interesting crowd to celebrate. In addition there are a variety of different event or tournament to entertain you during your visit.
    New Year in Koh Phangan
  4. London, England => One of the best places welcome the New Year's Eve is London. This place always present a variety of event for the New Year celebration, including firework that celebrated the largest in the area around the Thames river where the London Eye and Big Ben is located. Ahead of midnight, the sky city of London will be decorated with the eruption of firework and light show spectacular. In addition you will also be entertained with a three-hour parade in the streets of London downtown in the early new year with costumed dancer, marching band, and so forth.
    New Year in London
  5. Sydney, Australia => Sydney is one of another popular destination to celebrate New Year's Eve. In Sydney, New Year's Eve is always held annually over Sydney Harbour and is an event of multi-tier. The most fascinating thing that you can find that the pyrotechnic display and Midnight Fireworks, which usually can you see through a glass screen television. The new theme is always carried each year and is able to attract more than one million people who watched instantly.
    New Year in Sydney

New Year's Eve is the night's most eagerly awaited by everyone around the world. And enjoy it in a beautiful place certainly is an experience that will not be forgotten. But apart from that all, to spend the end of year with loved ones is the most important thing. So, whether wherever place, the New Year's Eve is always fun when enjoyed with family and dear ones.

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