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Bayanan hot water bath tourism in Sragen

Bayanan hot water bath tourism in Sragen - Hot water bath is usually is situated near a volcano. However, in the Sragen regency which has an area far enough away from the volcano appeared to have a source of hot water which is then used as a bathhouse. Hot water bath is named Bayanan. Bayanan hot water bath tourism in Sragen is very well known by people around Sragen. The water that comes out of this hot water bath is believed to cure various diseases such as rheumatism, itching, and other diseases. In addition to curing the disease, according to the recognition of visitors, bathing in Bayanan hot water bath can lower cholesterol, restore physical fitness, increase vitality, relieve fatigue and make ageless. By people around at the ancient time, it is known as the 'Hyang Tirto Nirmolo'. Now, it is called Bayanan bathhouse because of its location in the Bayanan hamlet.

The location of Bayanan hot water bath
Bayanan hot water bath tourism located in Bayanan hamlet, Jambean village, Sambirejo subdistrict, Sragen regency. The location of this bathhouse about 17 kilometers to southeast of Sragen city. Access to the Bayanan bathhouse is very easy. To get there, you can use public transport to the track Sragen -> Ngarum -> Blimbing -> Bayanan.


The facilities of Bayanan hot water bath
Bayanan hot water bath tourism is equipped with various facilities for visitors. The facilities among others are hot water bathroom, vehicle parking, recreational park, playground for children, forest tourism, food stall, information room and also Small Mosque.

The history of Bayanan hot water bath
Bayanan hot water bath or Hyang Tirto Nirmolo in ancient time is a resort of the rich Netherlands, at the former colonial period. This bathhouse was built in 1808 by Tan Praul which is one of the famous Dutch merchant that time. In 1978 by the Indonesian government, this bathhouse was renovated to serve as tourist attraction.

Prostitution business behind Bayanan hot water bath tourism
There is a prostitution business in tourist attraction Bayanan hot water bath. Bayanan hamlet is the location of illegal prostitution under the guise of supporting tourism facilities hot water bath. Dozens of beautiful women ready to accompany the men at the inn, cafes, and karaoke around hot water bath. This is very unfortunate because it exacerbates Bayanan hot water bath tourism image.

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