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12 Tourist attractions in Sragen that you must visit

12 Tourist attractions in Sragen that you must visit - Sragen regency is one of the regencies in the province of Central Java. Sragen regency is situated at 30 kilometers to the east of the Surakarta city. Sragen regency bordered by Grobogan regency on the north, Ngawi regency - East Java in the east, Karanganyar regency in the south, and Boyolali regency in the west. Sragen regency has a nickname Bumi Sukowati because Sukowati name used during the reign of the Surakarta kingdom. Sragen regency has tourism potential is quite large. One that is already very famous is the prehistoric site, in the Sangiran village. In the Sangiran village then established a museum to accommodate a variety of prehistoric objects were found around the site. Here are 10 Tourist attractions in Sragen that need to be visited more:
  1. Ganesha Technopark => Ganesha Technopark is located in the street dr. Sutomo no. 5 Sragen, Central Java, Indonesia. Ganesha Technopark is a government project that aims to facilitate access to research institutions, professors, and students who have passed to form the R & D projects and other projects based on profit sharing. In addition to the concept of technopark, in this place, there is also a BLK which aims to define and implement R & D, products, self-reliance and cooperation to improve the expertise, training, manpower, developing, and services that have a selling value and added value to the government and Sragen society.
    Sragen Technopark
  2. Bayanan hot water bath => Bayanan hot water bath is a tourist attraction in Sragen, located at the 17 kilometers southeast of the Sragen city or the complete address in the Bayanan hamlet, Jambeyan village, Sambirejo sub-district, Sragen regency, Central Java province. This tourism has a charm in the form of a hot water bath that is trusted by people around can cure various diseases such as rheumatism, itching, and other diseases. In addition, the hot water in Bayanan bath also believed to improve the vitality of the body, lower cholesterol levels in the blood, restoring physical fitness, maintaining the freshness of the joints and muscles, relieve fatigue, and ageless. Therefore, many people who came to bathe in this hot water bath.
    Bayanan hot water bath
  3. Sukowati batik gallery and batik business center => Sukowati batik gallery and batik business center situated in the downtown Sragen. To achieve it, only a few dozen steps away from the regency government office. Sukowati batik gallery and batik business center are shopping centers and the circulation batik handicraft Sragen. Two locations are selling outlets of businessmen in the field of batik industry. The price of batik products in the two outlets that are deliberately designed to be affordable for the whole society. The two outlets eventually become batik shopping center that is able to be accessed by the weak economy as well as the wealthy. To attract buyers and develop the market, in the Sukowati batik gallery and batik business center are often held batik bazaars and events under the theme about typical batik of Sragen.
    Sukowati batik gallery
  4. Sangiran prehistoric museum => Sangiran prehistoric museum located in the Krikilan Kalijambe village, Sragen, Central Java, Indonesia. Sangiran is the fossil discoveries site of ancient human Meganthropus palaeojavanicus by Von Koenigswald. From this discovery, then a lot of different types of fossils found in the area. Until now, it has been found more than 13,685 fossils in Sangiran. Sangiran area is now designated as World Heritage List (World Heritage) by UNESCO. Therefore, Sangiran prehistoric museum is very suitable as a study tour for students especially for studying the history of human civilization. Currently, tourist attraction Sangiran much visited mainly by researchers prehistoric who want to see immediate fossil discoveries around Sangiran.
    Sangiran museum
  5. Taman Dayu Alam Asri => Taman Dayu Alam Asri is a family tourist attraction in Sragen regency that contained in Dayu village, Sragen, or about 20 kilometers from the Solo city towards the east. The area of Taman Dayu Alam Asri extent of about 5 hectares of which there are various amusement rides and games that are very suitable for a family vacation. The various kinds of facilities that provided at the Taman Dayu Alam Asri such as a mini zoo, resort, play and dexterity ground, gazebo, agro-tourism, meeting hall, swimming pool complete with slide arena, restaurants, and so on.
    Taman Dayu Alam Asri
  6. Mount Kemukus => Mount Kemukus in Sragen is a religious tourism, which is located in the Pendem village, Sumberlawang sub-district, Sragen regency, Central Java province. Geographically, the tourist attraction Mount Kemukus located approximately ± 29 kilometers in the northern of Solo city. This tourist attraction is a tomb of Prince Samudra that is trusted by the local community. If the pilgrimage to the tomb can bring sustenance in abundance. But there are negative stories from the tomb on Mount Kemukus, namely, in order that prayers were answered then the pilgrims are required have sex with a woman / man who is not their legitimate partner. So that in its development, this place is used as a nasty area for residents and pilgrims who come. The Sragen government has been working hard to reduce this illegal practice with a variety of socialization conducted by the tourism department. However, there are still people who believe with such conviction.
    Mount Kemukus
  7. Kedung Ombo reservoir => Kedung Ombo reservoir is a giant dam located on the border of three regencies, namely Sragen, Grobogan, and Boyolali. The existence of Kedung Ombo reservoir is very vital for development in Indonesia. In this reservoir, built power generation so that it can provide electricity to the community. In addition, the water coming out of the reservoir can be used to irrigate the fields in the regencies of Pati, Kudus, Demak, Semarang, Jepara, Grobogan, Blora, Sragen, and Boyolali. Besides being used for irrigation and power generation, Kedung Ombo reservoir is a tourist area with huge potential. In Kedung Ombo reservoir, visitors can ride a motor boat and traveling the reservoir and can enjoy a dish of a various freshwater fish food menu. Kedung Ombo reservoir is also very suitable for fishing for those of you who hobby fishing of fresh water.
    Kedung Ombo reservoir
  8. Tourism village batik Kliwonan => Tourism village batik Kliwonan is an area located in the Masaran sub-district, Sragen regency and it is a place of batik handicraft center. Batik that produced in Kliwonan, different from the batik from other regions. In this place, visitors can buy souvenirs of batik cloth and you also can see the process of making batik. Even if interested, you can also stay in house residents that have been transformed become very comfortable homestay. Here you will be presented with the variety of exciting activities, such as learning batik, fishing, outdoor photography, making crafts of black clay, roaming the village, herbal education, and others.
    Batik Kliwonan
  9. The tomb of Joko Tingkir => Joko Tingkir is another name of Sultan Hadiwijaya, king of Pajang kingdom, who came to power in 1550 to 1582. Pajang kingdom is heir to the Demak kingdom and the forerunner of Mataram kingdom that eventually gave birth to the Sultanate of Yogyakarta and Surakarta kingdom today. The cemetery region is very simple, which is located in the Butuh village, Plupuh sub-district, on the edge of Bengawan Solo river. In the region, there are also tombs of Joko Tingkir's parent, namely Ki Kebo Kenanga (husband) and Nyi Kebo Kenanga (wife). Like most other tombs in Java, this tomb is also frequented by pilgrims who want to just pilgrimage to the tomb of ancestors and also made a pilgrimage to getting the blessing. Every Eid, Surakarta municipal government held a celebration tradition namely 'larung Joko Tingkir' from Bengawan Solo river flow that begins at the tourist spot Jurug and ended up in the Butuh village, Sragen.
    Jaka Tingkir's tomb
  10. Kartika swimming pool => Kartika swimming pool is one of the swimming pools of civic pride Sragen. This swimming pool is located in the middle of Sragen town, precisely on Jalan Veteran and adjacent to the Sragen football stadium. In addition there is a swimming pool, in this place, there is also a fishing area, located near the front parking lot. Kartika swimming pool is also equipped with a sliding corrugated board, dressing room, restrooms, cafeteria, warehouse, office managers, and others.
    Kartika swimming pool
  11. Doeng Cuo swimming pool => Actually, tourist attraction existing swimming pool first and famous in Sragen is the Kartika swimming pool. Visitors can get there if needed freshness. But now comes one more swimming pool with size more spacious and become the new excellent in Sragen. It is Doeng Cuo swimming pool that addressed in the Bolorejo hamlet RT 001 / RW 003, Puro village, Karangmalang sub-district, Sragen regency. At the weekend, this swimming pool will be invaded by visitors, both from the city and from the region around Sragen. This swimming pool that began operating in 2012 and has 1 adult pool with depths ranging from 1.2 to 2.2 meters. While the children's pool has a depth of 60-70 centimeters. Interestingly, according to the manager that the pool water is not containing chlorine. They use water purification system that naturally and safely.
    Doeng Cuo swimming pool
  12. Kembangan reservoir => Kembangan reservoir is another reservoir in Sragen that you can visit besides Kedung Ombo reservoir. This reservoir has a very large size and it is located in the Dawung area. Scenic reservoir with mountain backdrop into a beautiful landscape which very unfortunate to missed. Kembangan reservoir is a place to enjoy the most flattering twilight in Sragen. When the weather is sunny, photographing the sunset at the edge of the reservoir is taste like at the seaside. This reservoir is not so well known by tourists outside the region, those who visited on average are local residents. They usually come for fishing.
    Kembangan reservoir

Thus was 12 tourist attractions in Sragen that you must visit. We hope the information above can be a source of reference for those who want to visit Sragen regency, Central Java.

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