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Vacation and enjoy the scenery on the Glagah beach

Glagah beautiful beach in Kulon Progo Yogyakarta - Yogyakarta province does have the area directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. So it has a row of beach with beautiful views. Rows of beach in Yogyakarta are located mainly in the district of Gunung Kidul. But not only Gunung Kidul, turned out in other districts also have antai equally beautiful. One of the beach in Yogyakarta, which also has a charming scenery is Glagah beach in Kulon Progo. This beach is famous for its beautiful lagoon and breakwater which stood firm. The beauty of Glagah beach in Kulon Progo been a lot of attention from tourists from different regions so that the beach is always crowded by tourists especially during the holiday season.

Glagah beach location in Kulon Progo
Glagah beach located in Kulon Progo district that is exactly 40 kilometers to the west of Yogyakarta. Maybe If you are from town Wates, the distance is only 15 km away. If from the city of Yogyakarta, you can travel by private vehicle. To reach it only takes about 1 hour.

Scenic tourist spots Glagah beach in Kulon Progo
A visit to the Glagah beach in Kulon Progo is then not just a beach will you find. However, there are some points that can be used as tourist spots and has a very beautiful scenery. For those of you who like photography, may be hunting on the beach Glagah because it has beautiful scenery.

Glagah beach

First, you can visit the tourist pier at the beach Glagah located not far from the counter levy. This dock is located at the seaside, where the visitors enjoy a beautiful sea view and can enjoy the river estuary area Serang. The plan at this dock will be built a large port.

The second place that can be enjoyed on the beach Glagah is a lagoon. The lagoon is an area in the sea which becomes a sort of lake caused by trapped waves ocean basins that have deep enough. On the beach you can also Glagah fishing, motor boats, canoes etc. By using a canoe visitors can use it around the surrounding beach. Moreover in coastal areas Glagah also include dragon fruit plantations managed by Kusuma Wanadri.

Facilities available at the beach area Glagah is such as canoe rental with a standard price of approximately IDR 20,000 per hour, a duck boat, gethek to wade lagoon. If you choose to ride a motor boat, only with money worth IDR 3,000 has been able to ride a motor boat for 30 minutes, in the tourist area is also an area for motocross. Thus last glance about in Glagah beach in Kulon Progo. Hopefully can add to the idea of planning your holiday in the holiday season this year.

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