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Pandawa Water World in Solo Baru, Sukoharjo

Pandawa Water World in Solo Baru, Sukoharjo - Ever hear of the area named Solo Baru? If that does not know, would have thought that Solo Baru is part of Solo city. But in fact is not. Solo Baru is an elite area contained in Sukoharjo regency. This area was close to the city of Solo. That is to say as a satellite town of Solo. Here stood the elite housing as well as several business area with huge potential.

Well, here we will discuss a bit about one of mainstay tourism for Sukoharjo regency namely Pandawa Water World. Pandawa Water World is a very popular family tourism in Solo Baru, Sukoharjo. Generally Pandawa Water Wold has a concept similar to other Waterboom. However, there is little difference between other waterboom with Pandawa Water World. The difference is that the Pandawa Water World is an international class Waterboom. So, if you visit it guaranteed satisfaction.

Pandawa Water World

The location of Pandawa Water World
Pandawa Water World are in the region of Pandawa, Solo Baru or rather exists between Solo city and Sukoharjo regency.

The facilities of Pandawa Water World
Pandawa Water World already has very complete facilities. Until now there are 27 rides that can be enjoyed by the tourists. The uniqueness of the Pandawa Water World is though to have international class, but the concepts are carried at Pandawa Water World is a traditional feel. Namely in the form of the wayang characters 'Pandawa Lima' (Five Pandavas). So the names of rides in water tourism Pandawa Water World is taking the names of wayang characters. Rides in Pandawa Water World include: Fantastic Slide, Tower Sight, Action River, the Milky Slide, Warm Spa, Raft Slide, Bungy Ghatotkacha Tower etc. Besides the complete rides, Pandawa Water World also include foodcourt that will pamper you with a wide selection of food menus. Both snacks and food glut.

Opening hours and admission price to Pandawa Water World
These water tourism in Solo Baru, Sukoharjo begin to open at 9 am to 6 pm. Specially weekend or Saturday and Sunday, starting open from 8 am. As for the entrance fee to Pandawa Water World is IDR 80,000 on weekdays. Meanwhile, if Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, increased to IDR 100,000. For more info can be seen on the official web Pandawa Water World namely in www(dot)pandawa-lima(dot)com or contact Customer Service at (+62) 271 626 955.

Similarly was a little review of Pandawa Water World in Solo Baru, Sukoharjo. Do not forget to invite your family for a vacation to the tourist attraction in Solo Baru. Usually on holidays many who visit, both from the city of Solo as well as from other areas.

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