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Soloraya tourism have new tourist attraction, the Royal Water Adventure

Soloraya tourism have new tourist attraction, the Royal Water Adventure - Royal Water Adventure is a family tourism in the area of Sukoharjo regency, Central Java province. Royal Water Adventure comes with a combination of water tourism and rides the modern game. Royal Water Adventure is located not far from the Bacem bridge and only takes about 10 minutes journey from that point to reach the location. This tourist attraction has a four-storey building and has four exciting rides for children, such as the current pool, body slide, play ground, and a semi-olympic swimming pool.

Mr. Rudi from the marketing of this tourism exposes some rides have advantages. Such as play ground ride that child ride contained in the middle of the pool. Designed to resemble a castle with bright colors. While the slide body is a ride game for kids who want to test the guts with a height of 5 meters. Royal Water Adventure has several facilities, including swimming lessons, outbound packets, and travel packages. According Mr. Dicksen, for a regular day waterboom also working with schools that wish to use the Semi Olympic ride as a sports lesson activities.

Royal Water Adventure

The location of the Royal Water Adventure
Royal Water Adventure which is under the management Sarana Cipta Sentosa addressed in the highway Telukan KM 8 Sukoharjo, Central Java.

Rides at the Royal Water Adventure
Royal Water Adventure is one of the water tourism in Sukoharjo fairly crowded. You can invite family for a vacation to these attractions and enjoy some of the rides that have been provided by the manager. As for the rides, among others, current pool, play ground, water slider, and mini olympic pool.

Facilities at the Royal Water Adventure
If you do not want to go too far for a vacation to the tourist attractions around Sukoharjo, we recommend to visit the Royal Water Adventure. Do not worry about the quality of these sights as Royal Water Adventure is also no less interesting than other water tourism. Tourists visiting the Royal Water Adventure mostly intended for swimming or just enjoying the rides games. Is an ideal vacation spot for families. Although these attractions are still relatively new, but very complete facilities provided by the manager. The facilities include:
  1. Food court
  2. Lockers (storage goods)
  3. Buoy rental
  4. Stand swimsuit
  5. Very spacious parking area
  6. Rinse and toilet room
  7. Rest Area
  8. Worship place

Opening hours and admission price to the Royal Water Adventure
Royal Water Adventure or commonly referred to waterboom by the visitors began to open from 08 am to 06 pm. With the purchase of tickets for regular day (Monday-Friday) valued at IDR 18,000 / person. For weekend (Saturday-Sunday) and national holiday amounting to IDR 28,000 / person.

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