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12 Tourist attractions in Magelang suitable for vacation

12 Tourist attractions in Magelang suitable for vacation - Magelang is a city or regency? Perhaps the first question that comes to our mind when we do not yet know about Magelang. If you are from Magelang then you will easily answer the questions above. Formerly, Magelang is the name of a regency in Central Java. This regency has the capital in Magelang city which currently stands. Then in 1950 the government established that Magelang stands alone as a city of Magelang under Law No. 13 1950. Magelang regency is also still standing with its capital located in Mungkid.

In this article we will discuss about some of tourist attractions in Magelang. This is a thorough discussion among tourist attractions in Magelang city and in Magelang regency. 12 tourist attractions in Magelang we select as the finest tourist attractions among others. Beyond 12 tourist attractions in Magelang which we discuss, there are many other tourism but we will not discuss in-depth in this article. Here are 12 tourist attractions in Magelang suitable for vacation more.
  1. Borobudur temple => Borobudur temple is a tourist icon in Magelang regency even used as a tourist icon of Central Java. That's because the Borobudur temple is one of the historical heritage of great value. Borobudur temple has been crowned as one of the 7 wonders of the world and has been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Therefore tourist attraction Borobudur temple always visited by tourists both from Indonesia and foreign tourists. Borobudur is a biggest temple for the people of Buddhism. This temple has a basic shape as punden terraces which there are 1,460 relief panels and 506 stupas.
    Borobudur sunrise
  2. Ketep Pass => Ketep Pass is a tourist attraction in Magelang which has a very beautiful natural scenery. Ketep Pass is located between two major of the mountains are Mount Merapi and Merbabu. From Ketep Pass, both of the mountains can be seem obvious. Even if the weather is clear, you can get incredible natural scenery. In Ketep Pass contained a mini cinema and a museum of volcanology. This mini cinema used to play documentary film of the famous eruption of Mount Merapi devastating it. Here also there are some binoculars which can be used by visitors to see obvious of scenery the peak of Mount Merapi and Merbabu. To use binocular, you just pay IDR 3,000 alone.
    Ketep Pass
  3. Kyai Langgeng park => Kyai Langgeng park is a family tourism located in Magelang highly favored by the people. On holidays this place is always full of visitors. Moreover, the location of Kyai Langgeng park is located in Magelang downtown, so it is easily affordable. Inside the Kyai Langgeng park, there are collection of rare plants, statues of dinosaurs in the original size, the prototype aircraft until various games facilities. Besides that for childrens has also provided wide range of games and also the swimming pool.
    Kyai Langgeng park
  4. Rafting on the Progo river top => In Magelang there was also a very interesting adventure tourism is rafting on the Progo river. Rafting in Magelang has a path along the 12 km or it takes about 3 hours to wade through. If you are interested in rafting on the Progo river top, you can approach the committee post in Griya Tok Songo, Magelang city.
    Rafting on the Progo river
  5. Kedung Kayang waterfall => This is one of very beautiful natural tourism in Magelang. Where you will be served by a waterfall with altitude of 40 meters. As well as the flow of water is very swift and feels cold because it is situated in the mountains. Waterfall in question is Kedung Kayang waterfall which is not far from the substation of view in Ketep Pass. The location of this resort is located on the border between the two regencies. Namely Wonolelo village area, Sawangan subistrict, Magelang regency with Klakah village, Selo subistrict, Boyolali regency. To enter the tourist area of Kedung Kayang waterfall, you only have to pay the entrance fee of IDR 2,500 only. Cheap is not it?
    Kedung Kayang waterfall
  6. Sekar Langit waterfall => From Kedung Kayang waterfall in the eastern region of Magelang regency, we turn to the western region where there is also a waterfall that is quite interesting. This Waterfall is Sekar Langit waterfall is located at the foot of Mount Andong, Grabag subistrict, Magelang regency. According to legend, this waterfall supposedly used as a bathing place of the angels in the story of 'Jaka Tarub'. Do you believe? The scenery at the Sekar Langit waterfall is very beautiful is with gurgling waterfall and shady trees that are around the waterfall.
    Sekar Langit waterfall
  7. Silawe waterfall => Still in the form of nature tourism in Magelang regency. This time it is the Silawe waterfall where this place is rarely visited by tourists because of its location is hidden. Silawe waterfall tourist site is in the Kopeng Kulon hamlet, Sutopati village, Kajoran subistrict, Magelang regency. The path to the location of the Silawe waterfall still much damaged, although it is the scenery around this street quite beautiful. Need a special touch of the local government so that these tourist attraction can be grown and become tourist attraction is crowded with visitors. So as to lift the economy for the people around the tourist site and can add to the original income Magelang regency.
    Silawe waterfall
  8. Mount Andong => Magelang regency area surrounded by mountains. One of the mountain located in Magelang is Mount Andong. This mountain often used as a place climbing by nature lovers. It could be said that the mountain Andong is a friendly mountain to climb. That is a climbing lane not as hard as other mountains such as Mount Merapi, Sindoro, Merbabu, Sumbing or the other. A height of Andong mountain reaches 1,726 meters above sea level. To climb, the average climber takes only 1.5 hours.
    Mount Andong
  9. Tidar hill => Tidar hill is a hill located in Magelang city. This hill is like a conditioning in the middle of the city. Besides functioning as an open green fields, Tidar hill storing a great tourism potential. From the top of this hill you can see the town of Magelang from a height and can enjoy the trees that stand upright which makes the atmosphere becomes cooler. At this hill, there is also religious tourism that is petilasan Sheikh Subakir from Persia. He is a propagator of Islam in Central Java.
    Petilasan Sheikh Subakir
  10. Mendut temple => Mendut temple is a tourist attraction in Magelang which is located about 3 km from Borobudur temple or precisely located at the street Mayor Kusen - Mungkid city, Magelang, Central Java. According to historians, Mendut temple probably built during the reign of King Indra from Sailendra dynasty. The building of Mendut temple is actually derived from a brick which is then covered with natural stone. Inside the chamber of Mendut temple there are 3 famous statues namely Dyani Buddha Cakyamuni statue or Vairocana, Avalokitesvara statue, and the statue of Bodhisattva Vajrapani.
    Mendut temple
  11. Pawon temple => The next temple tourism contained in Magelang is Pawon temple. This temple is situated in the village of Borobudur, Borobudur subistrict, Magelang regency, Central Java province. Pawon temple has close links with the Borobudur and Mendut temple. Besides equally relics of Buddhism, the position of Mendut temple, Pawon temple and Borobudur temple are situated in a straight line. This phenomenon is still under debate why be like that.
    Pawon temple
  12. Sudirman museum => Not only famous for its beautiful natural tourism, in Magelang also has historic places worthy for us remember. One of the historic sites is Sudirman museum contained in Magelang. Sudirman museum is located in the street Ade Irma Suryani No. C-7, or rather in the southern corner of the Badaan park. This building seems empty, it may be due to lack our awareness of historic places around us, or also because of a lack of promotion from local government. Sudirman museum building is the former home of the General Sudirman before he died.
    Sudirman museum

Similarly last 12 tourist attractions in Magelang suitable for vacation. Addition to 12 tourist attractions had certainly there are other tourist attractions that we have not mentioned. We apologize if the selection of 12 tourist attractions over the less pleasing to the readers. Here we submit the other tourist attractions contained in Magelang complete with address.
  • Retno temple address in Candiretno village, Secang subdistrict.
  • The tomb of Raden Santri address in Gunungpring village, Muntilan subdistrict.
  • The tomb of Sunan Geseng address at hilltop in Tirto village, Grabag subdistrict.
  • Supreme Audit Board museum address in the territory of the home Kedu resident, in the street Diponegoro No. 1, Magelang.
  • Bumiputera 1912 museum address in the street Ahmad Yani No. 21, Magelang.
  • Abdul Jalil youth museum address: Military Academy educational region covering 980 sq m, 1 km from the Magelang downtown.
  • Kalibening recreation park address at Kalibening hamlet, Payaman village, Secang subdistrict.
  • Bleder lake address in Ngasinan Village, Grabag subdistrict, on the slope of Mount Andong.
  • Borobudur temple address in Borobudur village, Borobudur subdistrict.
  • Mendut temple address in Mendut Village, Mungkid subdistrict.
  • Ketep Pass address in Ketep Village, Sawangan subdistrict.
  • Punthuk Setumbu address in Kuraha hamlet, Karangrejo Village, Borobudur subdistrict.
  • Kedung Kayang waterfall address in Wonolelo Village, Sawangan subdistrict, 3 Km from substation of view Ketep Pass.
  • Sekar Langit waterfall address in Telogorejo Village, Grabag subdistrict, Magelang.
  • Elo river rafting address in Mendut village, Blondo village, Mungkid subdistrict and Candirejo village, Borobudur subdistrict.
  • Asu temple address in Candi Pos Village, Sengi urban Village, Dukun subdistrict, Magelang.
  • Wukir mountain temple address in Canggal hamlet, Kadiluwih village, Salam subdistrict.
  • Lumbung temple address in Tlatar hamlet, Krogowanan Village, Sawangan subistrict, Magelang regency.
  • Ngawen temple address in Ngawen Village, Muntilan subdistrict, 5 km from Mendut temple.
  • Selogriyo temple address in Campurejo hamlet, Kembangkuning village, Windusari subdistrict.
  • Umbul temple address in Kertoharjo Village, Grabag subistrict, Magelang.
  • Jurangjero address in Salam Sari Village, Srumbung subdistrict, Magelang regency.
  • Hok An Kiong shrine in the street Pemuda No. 100, Muntilan subdistrict.
  • Borobudur museum address situated within the tourism park area of Borobudur temple in the street Badrawati, Borobudur subdistrict, Magelang.
  • Diponegoro museum address in the street Diponegoro No. 1, in the left wing of Kedu residency hall 26, Magelang.
  • Mercury Ocean museum address In the tourism park area of Borobudur temple in the street Badrawati, Borobudur subdistrict, Magelang.
  • Haji Widayat fine art museum address in the street Lt. Tukiyat No. 32, Mungkid city, with galleries, art shop and a park area, was inaugurated on 30 April 1994.
  • Sudirman museum address in the street Ade Irma Suryani No. C-7, in the southern corner of the Badaan park.
  • Silawe waterfall address in Sutopati village, Kajoran subdistrict, on the slope of Mount Sumbing.

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