Kaliurang tourist paradise

Kaliurang where tourism is a mainstay of Sleman regency on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Kaliurang tourist spot is located in the village Hargobinangun, Pakem subdistrict, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Kaliurang tourist spot famous for the air is so cold and cool. Waterfall in Kaliurang that is so beautiful and there are also funny monkeys. When you visit Kaliurang tourist spot, once you get to the entrance, you will be confronted by the cute monkeys hanging, but you must be alert because the monkeys are often ignorant to the visitors who come. Having climbed the soft and slippery terrain you will find waterfalls and natural scenery that is so enchanting.

Kaliurang tourist paradise

Kaliurang tourist paradise located on the slopes of Mount Merapi is not only famous for the air is cool and airy, this tourist spot is also famous as a romantic tourist attractions and sights is equipped with villas and also bungalau. So for those of you who want to honeymoon here was a great base for your visit. Besides this place is perfect for spot honeymoon tour, Kaliurang area is also very suitable for vacation with family and removing tired. Here you can also enjoy a wide range of travel alternatives are:
  1. Explore nature => explore nature enjoying the beautiful trees and forests as well as the series of 22 caves of Japanese heritage who are in Kaliurang tourist paradise makes you more excited to enjoy the beauty of the unspoiled nature.
  2. Museum Ullen Sentalu => museum as a storage and empowerment of historic relics, very interesting visitors in reminiscing the history of Yogyakarta province.
  3. Historic Buildings => guesthouse Kaliurang and rest Ngeksigondo palace belonging to the palace had a distinctive and unique buildings that make a tourist paradise with a traditional Javanese more viscous.
  4. Recreation park Kaliurang => The park has a children's play facilities and also decorated with a statue of a genie a la 1001 night stories add to the spirit of the visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of Kaliurang tourist paradise.
  5. Tourism park Plawangan Turgo => Plawangan Turgo has its own characteristics in attracting tourists to stand for long to enjoy the beauty of this park and become a relaxation removing tired for the visitors.
  6. Swimming pool Tlogo Putri => After walking around enjoying the tourist paradise, visitors can unwind by enjoying the pool facilities Tlogo Putri is already available in the tourist paradise.
  7. Enjoy Wildlife => enjoy the wildlife has its own impression for visitors to be at one with nature, with monkeys and birds contained in Kaliurang tourist, making visitors seemed more familiar and blend with the natural beauty of the tour.
  8. Enjoy puncang-puncang with binoculars => enjoy puncang-puncang with binoculars, binoculars rental facilities have been provided (rent binoculars IDR 5,000/30 min)
  9. Around by a rabbit carriage => around by a rabbit carriage (rental price of IDR 3,000 / person). For exclusive trip, the charge IDR 20,000 will make you like a nobleman.

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