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Taman Sari water castle : The historic sights and locations Prewedding

Taman sari water castle, subscription prewedding locations in Yogyakarta - Taman sari is an ancient building located in the province of Yogyakarta. Location Taman Sari is still the region with the Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace. Water palace in ancient times used for various activities, among which a place meditation/nenepi the King of Yogyakarta, a place for batik concubines of kings and princesses and also used for defense systems because of its location near the entrance to the ancient city of Yogyakarta.

At the present time all the activities of the palace of Yogyakarta in Taman Sari is not there. This place is even now visited as a tourism place. That's because in the area of Taman Sari has a very exotic scenery. Ancient buildings that still exist today become the main attraction for the tourists. Characteristic and exotic side was the one who searched by photography enthusiasts for hunting their best. Besides, this place is also often used as Prewedding by them (prospective bride) to be married. Results are displayed we think is very good. That's because it is supported by the views of the old buildings are very exotic and some very beautiful garden. For the location itself can be said to be fairly extensive. So photographers can explore every corner of Taman Sari.

Prewedding in Taman Sari

If you go to Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta then do not forget to go to the water palace palace namely Taman Sari. Water castle was built by the late Sultan Hamengkubuwono I in 1758 and will be completed around the year 1765. Taman Sari is located 1 kilometer to the west of the palace Kraton. Formerly this attraction is home to the royal family palace. Then around 1867 an earthquake damaging the park area. Aside from being a place to stay, Taman Sari also means beautiful park is also famous for swimming baths, water parks sari palace called "Umbul Binangun".

When entering the Taman Sari then you will be treated to the typical architecture of the royal palace. Famous here is that Umbul Binangun bathing pool which is surrounded by high walls. The first this place is a bathing pool for the Sultan, Kanjeng Ratu, and their daughters. The visitors may get around the swimming baths while perpetuating Taman Sari with the camera. In this place there are springs bathing pool surrounded by a mushroom-shaped pots of beautiful flowers. Area swimming baths, three towers of which one is a bedroom or a resting place for the Sultan Hamengkubuwono.

Taman Sari water castle

In the area of Taman Sari others there are Pulo Kenongo palace. Pulo Kenongo an artificial island in the middle of Taman Sari water palace. Named Kenongo because there are cananga trees were planted in the area of this attraction. Kenongo in the area, there are the resting place of the Sultan and his family, a large hall used for the performance of traditional dances, the room for making batik, front gate guarded by soldiers of the Palace, and the room just soldiers.

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