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Tourist attractions Ratu Boko temple charming

If you are traveling to Prambanan temple, it would not be complete if you do not go over to Ratu Boko temple tours. Tourist attractions Ratu Boko temple is a magnificent palace located in the hills. Ratu Boko temple palace is situated on a hill Boko precisely located between two villages, namely hamlet Dawung ((village Bokoharjo) and hamlet Samberwatu (village Sambirejo), Prambanan subdistrict-Sleman regency-Yogyakarta.

Building tourist attractions Ratu Boko temple is more similar to a palace or a Kraton rather than a temple. Ratu Boko temple because in addition to functioning as a place of worship, this temple is also a fortress. In tourist attractions areas Ratu Boko temple magnificent and charming, you can look around the historic temple area. In addition you can also see the beauty panorama in this Ratu Boko temple. The panoramic beauty of this temple you can see in Plaza Andrawina (one of the temples in Ratu Boko). If you look towards the north, you will be able to see the beauty and the beauty of the city of Yogyakarta and Prambanan temple as well as the beauty of mountain Merapi as a background. At the time of dusk, shades around the temple will increasingly look very beautiful and fascinating with bursts of reddish orange evening sun.

Sunset in Ratu Boko temple

Besides the beauty of it is in the sights Ratu Boko temple also there are the names wells Amerta Mantana that means Holy Water is given a mantra which is believed to give good luck to those who wear them. Besides believed to give good luck, the holy water is also commonly used by Hindu people as a means ceremony Tawur Agung done the day before Nyepi celebration that aims to purify themselves and restore the earth and its contents.

Plaza Andrawina not only provide panoramic beauty that you can watch because here there is also a restaurant and here also provided a campsite and tracking for those of you who want to explore the natural beauty around Ratu Boko temple this. Plaza Andrawina equipped with tourist baths. The location these tourist attractions is also often used as a filming the ad and photos prewedding.

Meanwhile in the eastern part is divided into three group namely west, southeast and east. The rest of the palace to the west keep some relics such as temples of white stone, gate 1 and gate 2, kiln, talut, water reservoirs, construction of pedestals and two shelf paseban. It is located in front of the tourist region of exactly when the first entry into the palace of Ratu Boko. The rest of the palace that is in the southeast contains maybe pavilion building, some pieces shelf temples, miniature temple, several pools keputren, and two shelf keputren. Being on the east side of the palace there are cave lanang (male), cave wadon (female), water storage pools and stairs.

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