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Galabo, the culinary tourism at night in Solo city

Galabo, the culinary tourism at night in Solo city - Galabo an abbreviation of Gladag Langen Bogan. Galabo is a culinary tourism at night that favored by the people of Solo city. Gladag Langen Bogan was inaugurated on April 13, 2008. With the presence of a tourist attraction Galabo culinary, further strengthening Solo city as a city that is well known as culinary tourism.

Gladag Langen Bogan is a culinary tourism that just opened at night, starting from 05 pm - 00 am (local time). Gladag Langen Bogan is located east of Slamet Riyadi Gladag monument, precisely at the Mayor Sunaryo street that passing in front of the Beteng Trade Center, on the north bordering the historic site of Vastenburg fort.


So unique, during the day, Mayor Sunaryo street remained in use as the main street. While at night, the street is closed to be Galabo. Every night, Gladag Langen Bogan is always full of visitors, both from the local community as well as people from outside the Solo city and also the foreign tourists. They want to enjoy serving dishes of culinary tourism at night or just to hang out. Gladag Langen Bogan is one option as one of tourist destinations in the Solo city.

Gladag Langen Bogan offering a wide variety of the traditional typical foods and beverages that are already legendary in the Solo city. There are approximately 60 stalls are held along the main street, in front of Beteng Trade Center.

Gladag Langen Bogan

The culinary offerings in Gladag Langen Bogan culinary are not unusual. It proved to food vendors are already famous fill the tents that rented by the manager of Galabo. The typical foods among others such as Tahu Kupat Bu Sri, Mie Thoprak, Nasi Liwet Keprabon, Bakmi Jowo Pak Dul, Sate Kere Yu Rebi, Bebek Pak Slamet, Gudeg Ceker Margoyudan, Rawon Penjara, Harjo Bestik, Bakso Alex, Nasi Tumpang Bu Mun, Gempol Plered Bu Yami, Tio Ciu Halal Pak Petruk,Tengkleng Pasar Klewer Bu Edi, and many more. The traditional typical beverages are available in Galabo among others such as Wedang Ndongo Keprabon, Wedang Jahe, Wedang Sekoteng, Wedang Ronde, Susu Segar Shi Jack,  and many more. Here the allure of Galabo is always spoiling tongue of the culinary connoisseurs.

After enjoying dinner, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Solo city at night with a walk along the Alun-alun Utara. At the weekend, not just the typical foods and beverages are available for guests in the Galabo. However, there are also live music offerings that can also be enjoyed by visitors for free, as well as free hotspots are increasingly making comfortable for visitors to taste the culinary tourism in Gladag Langen Bogan.

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