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Ngarsopuro region with the antique market

Ngarsopuro region with the antique market - Solo city is known as cultural tourism is already famous in Central Java and Indonesia. In this city store various cultures highly admired by the public. The name of the city itself is getting famous in Indonesia due to the former mayor Joko Widodo, who is now the President of Indonesia. Joko Widodo or Jokowi can be regarded as a successful mayor of Solo city to organize into a comfortable city to live in. During his reign many area street vendors who curbed without conflict with municipal police officers. The former location of street vendors is then made to the park so the Solo city becomes more beautiful and neat.

Ngarsopuro Night Market

One area that is born of the policy he is Ngarsopuro region. Ngarsopuro is an area located at Jalan Diponegoro in front Mangkunegaran. In the past, this place there are many electronic stores and there are the antique trade center, known as the Pasar Antik Triwindu (Triwindu Antique Market). In 2009, this area was turned into a neat area and added with a touch of ethnic and art that make it look pretty. Electronic shops that exist in this region being moved to a special building whose location is still in the Ngarsopuro region. While antique dealer laid out and used as an antique trade center in Solo city with names Pasar Antik Windujenar (Windujenar Antique Market). On the right and left paths installed paving, seating, and various statues so that a comfortable hangout for young people. In this place is also fitted with free hotspot for internet access.

Every Saturday night is a special night in the Ngarsopuro region. If at night usual this place just filled with a bunch of young people who frolic, then on Sunday night this place to be like a night market. This unique activity is known to Ngarsopuro Night Market. At the time of Ngarsopuro Night Market, along Jalan Diponegoro cleared of vehicles, so visitors are free to pass around in Ngarsopuro. Along the way, there are the tents of traders who selling a variety of handicrafts typical of Solo, such as Batik, wall hangings, wayang, sculptures, etc. In addition, there are also traders who sell a variety of unique culinary Solo are Cabuk Rambak, Sosis Solo (Solo Sausage), Nasi Liwet, Bakso Bakar (Meatball Grill), Wedang Ronde, Sate Kere, etc. Even Ngarsopuro Night Market event, there are likening it to Orchid Road in Singapore.

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