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Enjoying Solo Batik Carnival in Solo city

Enjoying Solo Batik Carnival in Solo city - Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) is an annual event in the Solo city. This event is held by Government of Surakarta city (Solo city) which aims to preserve, develop, and introduce batik as the nation's culture to the wider community as well as raise the image of batik cloth in the community. In this event, participants are required to create a costume with basic material batik cloth was then made in such a manner in accordance with a predetermined theme.

The theme that was ever raised in Solo Batik Carnival, among others are Masks, Wayang, Sekar Jagat, Miracle legend, and Metamorphosis. The route followed by as the catwalk is along the street Slamet Riyadi or departing from Solo Center Point and ends at the town hall of Surakarta. Solo Batik Carnival event was first held in 2008. In almost every event Solo Batik Carnival is always full of visitors who willingly lined up in along the street Slamet Riyadi.

Solo Batik Carnival

The existence of annual event Solo Batik Carnival in the Solo city certainly brings enormous influence on the economy. At the time of implementation of Solo Batik Carnival, hotels and travel agents in Solo city is always crowded got a customer. In fact, of course, the vendors can reap the benefits of the implementation of Solo Batik Carnival.

As an icon of a new tourism in the Solo city, SBC has several times designated by the tourism ministry to represent Indonesia in the international arena as Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents (Matta) Fair, Chingay Festival in Singapore, and the Tournament of the Rose Pasadena, California, USA. This obviously makes me proud as a citizen of Indonesia for successfully recognized by the international community through a cultural event that was awesome.


Solo Batik Carnival was first held in 2008 and 2016 is the implementation of the 9th. This annual event able to absorb people's attention. Solo Batik Carnival 2016 held to further improve the image batik and Solo as batik city in the world. There will be hundreds of participants who demonstrate design alluring, attractive, and really attract attention, especially if you are the person who hobby of photographing. This is a moment that is truly 'eye-catching' to be captured using the camera that you have.

When the implementation of the Solo Batik Carnival, Solo city, especially the main street which is from Slamet Riyadi until in front of the Solo city hall will be sterilized, and will be transformed into a venue Cat Walk for the models who demonstrate the results of design and fashion of their creations. They walked along the catwalk with a choreography accompanied by music, make it even more beautiful clothes worn by the models to be enjoyed. For those of you who want to capture and immortalize the event has been provided a special spot with a view of the most interesting. It is designed so as not to disrupt the event.

Solo Batik Carnival at night

To provide convenience for guests who visit and stay in the Solo city, the event organizers prepare the stage for visitors and guests who wish to enjoy the spectacular annual grain Solo Batik Carnival. And even to route traffic and parking locations have been provided.

Event schedule
Day / Date: Sunday, June 5, 2016
Time: 3:00 pm - Finish

Full route Solo Batik Carnival 2016
Sriwedari stadium - street Slamet Riyadi - Gladak - street General Sudirman - Solo city hall.

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