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Sangiran archaeological museum, a place to learn about the ancient human

Sangiran archaeological museum, a place to learn about the ancient human - Back in junior high school, I still remember well the lessons of history that explores ancient human. In the first lesson there are some ancient human fossil discovery site of the famous such as Sangiran, Trinil, Wajak, etc. Well, the location of site that will be discussed this time is closely associated with the ancient human fossil discoveries that in Sangiran. Sangiran is an area that is included in Sragen regency, Central Java province. Many people think that the Sangiran archaeological museum is located in Solo city, but it is not. That's because during this time, tourist attraction Sangiran archaeological museum is always included in the tourist tour in Solo city and its surrounding. Indeed Solo city which is a city adjacent to the Sragen has a huge tourism potential. So as to encourage excursion in the surrounding areas such as Wonogiri, Klaten, Karanganyar, Sukoharjo, and Sragen. Here is a glimpse of the Sangiran archaeological museum which is a tourist attraction to learn about ancient human.

The location of Sangiran archaeological museum
Sangiran archaeological museum is located in the Krikilan village, Kalijambe sub-district, Sragen regency, Central Java province, Indonesia. This location is approximately 20 kilometers from the Solo city toward the north.

History of Sangiran archaeological museum
Exploration of ancient human fossil in Sangiran started in 1883 by P.E.C Schemulling and then continued by Eugene Dubois although not too intense. Research began intensified by Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald in 1934. That research was done because in Sangiran region have been found ancient human fossils by the surrounding community. The fossils were found, for example are Meganthropus palaeojavanicus, Pithecanthropus erectus and a variety of animal fossil. In 1977 the Government of Indonesia to establish areas around the Sangiran with extensive of ​​56 square kilometers as an area of ​​cultural heritage. Then in 1988 established a simple museum at the site of Sangiran region. In 1996 Sangiran site designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Until now, improvements continue to be made by the government and the archaeological museum is always crowded with visitor who want to know the history of ancient human in Indonesia.

Sangiran archaeological museum collection
In addition to ancient human fossil, exhibited also a variety of ancient animal fossil, including fossil of ancient elephant consisting of buffalo (Bubalus palaeokarabau), Elephas namadicus, Mastodon sp, tiger (Felis palaeojavanica), deer (Cervus sp), pig (Sus sp), rhinoceros (Rhinocerus sondaicus), Stegodons trigonocephalus, cow or bull (Bovidae sp), as well as hippopotamus (Hippopotamus sp). There are also fossils of animals water consisting of crocodile (Crocodillus sp), fish, crab, shark teeth, mollusk (Gastropoda and Pelecypoda), and turtle (Chelonia sp).

The admission price of Sangiran archaeological museum
Sangiran archaeological museum opened for visitors as tourist attraction ranging from at 08.00 AM until 04:00 PM. The admission price for domestic tourist is IDR 5,000 and IDR 7,500 for foreign tourist.

The facilities of Sangiran archaeological museum
In addition to the museum as a place to accommodate and showcase collectibles, in Sangiran museum there are also many facilities that can be enjoyed by visitors. Sangiran museum already contained museum entrance gate, counter entrance, parking area, exhibit space, audio-visual, mess researcher, Sangiran viewing post, stalls selling souvenir. Sangiran viewing post is used to seeing the scenery around Sangiran. While the mess researcher is used by researchers who are conducting studies in the Sangiran archaeological museum. Souvenir stalls in Sangiran provide a wide range of souvenir from Sangiran such as necklace, stone, ring, bracelet, and replica of ancient human.

Thus before the various review of Sangiran archaeological museum is very suitable to fill your family holiday and can also be used as an educational tour for students of the school.

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