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Tourist attraction Sembukan beach in Wonogiri

Tourist attraction Sembukan beach in Wonogiri - Tourism beach in Wonogiri which we will discuss in this article is a beach which is situated in the Sembukan hamlet, Paranggupito subdistrict, Wonogiri regency, Central Java province. This beach is named Sembukan beach. Panorama tourist attraction Sembukan beach is very attractive so this beach is quite crowded by tourists. The distinctive feature of the Sembukan beach are many rocks that dominate the shoreline. This leads to this beach less convenient when used for bathing and water play. But the scenery around it in the form of limestone hills will add to the exotic beach in Wonogiri.

Sembukan beach is a masterpiece of God at the end of Wonogiri, Central Java. This beach save the panoramic beauty and myth are well hidden behind a large coral reef. Sembukan beach is one of the destinations are quite famous among activists spiritual. Like for example, the spiritual leader of Surakarta and Yogyakarta kingdom. This beach is said to be considered as a 13th gateway for Nyi Roro Kidul, the Queen of the south sea for attend a meeting with the kings of Surakarta Kasunanan. So this beach also has a rule similar with the Kidul beach or Parangtritis beach.

Sembukan beach

Sembukan beach has a natural feel very beautiful. This beach is located at the south end of Wonogiri, about 40 kilometers. Visitors who want to get to this beach requires a travel time of approximately 2 hours from Wonogiri. Only by paying IDR 5,000 per person, you can enjoy the beauty of the Sembukan beach. Sembukan beach not only has waves, but also the corals that form beautiful hills. This panorama makes clash eye can see from any angle. Although located at the end and desolate from the city, access for reach the Sembukan beach is adequate. During the trip, visible beauty strung together by a combination of karst rocky hills and vegetation typical of the region. In the area of Sembukan beach, there are about three high hill and can be used as a place to view and capture image. Moreover, the access to reach them has been very good. Making it very easy for the tourists come to them. On top of this hill was also built mosques, paseban, and galleries.

Sembukan beach is already crowded, especially during the early evening 1st Suro. That night, all the workers of Surakarta palace come carry offerings in procession. This offering is presented for the ruler of the South Sea. This ceremony is known as the "Larung Ageng" and held by Surakarta Kasunanan, Wonogiri regency government and resident around the Paranggupito subdistrict. The event was held in honor of this coast guard. If you already leads to things of myth then you should be familiar with the rules in force, as prohibited from any taking.

But not only the mystery and myth that the main attraction of this beach. Panorama and the stretch of coral at this beach is so fascinating attraction for tourists. The big rocks that stood proudly on the shoreline, creating the feel of its own for rock climbing enthusiast. Yes, although there are no official channel for this activity. You do not expect to swim at this beach. Because the shoreline is dominated by small rocks are very sharp. Additionally, the pounding wave were also very large. So this beach is not to be used for swimming. Do not be sad! You will be happy to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape of Sembukan beach.

Pleased to see the beauty of the beach, it's time you fill the stomach. For culinary matter, visitors can enjoy the young coconut with only paying IDR 5,000 accompanied by fried snacks. Really delicious taste combined with the sound of waves crashing against the big rocks. It will be a sight that will never be forgotten. Especially for a beach that store the myth and the beauty behind the expanse of huge coral reef.

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