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Tourist attraction Banyutowo beach in Wonogiri

Tourist attraction Banyutowo beach in Wonogiri, Central Java - In addition to the tourist attraction Nampu beach, Wonogiri regency also has other beach tourism location, namely Banyutowo beach. Do not make mistakes, because the name of the Banyutowo beach not only in Wonogiri. However, in the regency of Pati and Jepara in Central Java province also exists name of tourist attraction Banyutowo beach. Banytowo beach in Wonogiri has a distinctive feature compared to other beach, which have fresh water is not salty. The fresh water sourced from underground water that comes down on the beach. As we know that in the region of Wonogiri, there is a very wide expanse of karst. This karst very allows the formation of ground water below the surface. In addition to fresh water, the interesting tourist attraction Banyutowo beach is a beautiful landscape. In the tourism area is actually not only there is Banyutowo beach alone. But there are also other beaches such as Kijingan beach, Pringjawa beach, Watu Miring beach and Mbut Manis beach. Here is some information about tourist attraction Banyutowo beach in Wonogiri.

The location of tourist attraction Banyutowo beach
Tourist attraction Banyutowo beach is situated in the Gudangharjo village, Paranggupito subdistrict, Wonogiri regency, Central Java province. For overland journey usually is required about 4 hours from downtown Wonogiri.

Banyutowo beach in Wonogiri

The uniqueness of phenomenon Banyutowo beach
Tourist attraction Banyutowo beach has a uniqueness that is the beach with a source of fresh water, beautiful scenery, the area of freshwater fishing and drilling fresh water well is abundant. Only a few beach tourism which has a unique like Banyutowo beach. As the name implies Banyutowo, which in Javanese means fresh water. Then this is the opportunity for tourists to enjoy the thrill of a different beach water. Namely freshwater that is not sticky when exposed skin when we swim at the beach.

Not only that, the scenery offered by this beach is also quite sensational. After enjoying the natural gift, use the remaining time for fishing with friends or family is the right choice. This beach has a fresh water because it is a freshwater estuary of the river in the area. Source of fresh water also has recently been found. The survey team water potential Wonogiri regency government headed by Head of Public Relation Eko Muslich Martono SE MM find new spring Banyutowo source near Paranggupito beach.

"Debit large enough and clear water. But unfortunately the potential for fresh water only lost to the southern ocean. In fact, the area Paranggupito always stricken by drought when the dry season", he said. As the potential of clean water, presumably Banyutowo source can be exploited to adequate water need of Paranggupito resident. Finding Banyutowo source which is underground river, he added, is in the hills gap which is about three kilometers from the northern of south beach, precisely in Ringin hamlet, Parang village, Paranggupito subdistrict, Wonogiri regency.

The facility of tourist attraction Banyutowo beach
Tourist attraction Banyutowo beach arguably has not been a lot of development done by the regional government. So that the facilities built is still minimal. Need to venture from relevant agencies so that this beach tourism in Wonogiri visited by many people. However, the other side of this beach is still relatively deserted and makes its own privileges because not many visitors so it can be more calm for a vacation off fatigue.

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