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The beauty of Girimanik waterfall

The beauty of Girimanik waterfall in Setren, Wonogiri - Not just a beach and reservoir, Wonogiri regency also has other nature tourism that is in the form of a waterfall. Waterfall in Wonogiri regency, Central Java is Girimanik waterfall. If you are nature lovers who want the cool air typical of the countryside, you should be taking to visit this waterfall. Tourist attraction is still beautiful in Wonogiri has beautiful scenery that is a waterfall complete with gurgling water flowing in sidelines of the rocks. The air was clean and cool and a calm atmosphere makes the main attraction of this tourism.

The location of tourist attraction Girimanik waterfall, Setren
As the name implies, the Girimanik waterfall is located in the Setren village, Slogohimo subdistrict, Wonogiri regency, Central Java province. To reach this location required a trip approximately as far as 30 kilometers from the town of Wonogiri toward Ponorogo.

Girimanik waterfall

The beauty of Girimanik waterfall
What is interesting from tourist attraction Girimanik waterfall? In the tourist site of this waterfall there are three waterfalls in one area. The Thirdly waterfall has its own name. They are Manik Moyo waterfall, Condromoyo waterfall and Tinjo Moyo waterfall. Their height is different, the details are as follows. Moyo Manik waterfall has a height of 70 meters, while the Condromoyo waterfall and Tinjo moyo waterfall with a height of about 30 meters. Besides the waterfall, in this area you can also enjoy agrotourism in the form of durian fruit. Slogohimo subdistrict is one of the subdistrict with huge potential for the cultivation of durian plant.

The admission price to tourist attraction Girimanik waterfall
To enjoy the natural beauty of Girimanik waterfall, you just pay the entrance fee of IDR 5,000 only. Very cheap is not it? Are you interested to visit here?

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