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The beauty of nature Nampu beach in Wonogiri

The beauty of nature Nampu beach in Wonogiri - Many people who do not know that Wonogiri regency has the potential for beach tourism is very promising. These beaches have a very beautiful scenery. Most of the tourist attraction that remain hidden and unspoiled. One possible cause is away access to the beach and the lack of promotion of related parties. One of the beautiful beach in Wonogiri Regency is Nampu beach. Nampu beach has natural scenery in the form of a charming stretch of white sand, and the waves that collided with the rocks. These waves are very heavy because Nampu beach is still included in the row of the south coast which is directly related to the Indian Ocean.

You can swim as much in Nampu beach. But remember, you have to be careful because the ocean currents south of Java's famous tight here. Plus the absence of the attendant beach, then you should be extra vigilant when swimming. Coconut ice into thirst-quenching after playing on the beach. It is the local residents who sell these beverage, fruit taken straight from the tree. Moreover, they are just peddling noodles as the main menu. So, you better bring a lunch from home!

Nampu beach

Less than a day enough? Please set up a tent for camping in the hills around the beach. Ready drugged atmosphere Nampu beach night with the lights of the fishing boats twinkling over the ocean. Very beautiful! Nampu beach suitable to be your weekend destination. Sunset and sunrise was clearly visible from this beach. Please stop by Nampu beach and see prove yourself beauty of it.

The location of Nampu beach
Tourist attraction Nampu beach located in the Dringo village, Gunturharjo urban Village, Paranggupito subdistrict, Wonogiri regency, Central Java province. Distance traveled from Wonogiri city to Nampu beach about 70 kilometers or takes approximately 2 hours by land travel to get there. Access road to the Nampu beach is good enough because they through county roads that have been refined. If you go there, you will go through the route as follows:
Wonogiri city -> Paranggupito-Giri Belah crossroad-> Paranggupito subdistrict.

The admission price to the Nampu beach
To enjoy the natural beauty of the Nampu beach, you are only required to buy a ticket for IDR 2,000 and plus the money for parking vehicles by IDR 2,000 alone. Very cheap is not it? That's because the management of tourist attraction Nampu beach not been submitted to the government of Wonogiri regency, but still managed by the local community. Are you interested in visiting the Nampu beach? Have a good vacation.

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