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5 Best tourist attractions in the world for Christmas holiday

5 Best tourist attractions in the world for Christmas holiday - I feel the time is rapidly evolving and today we've been on the end of the year, in December. Full of hope and memories month is also very significant, because Christmas fall on December and very eagerly awaited for people who celebrate it.

Colorful Christmas tree and the sound of church bell melodious and festive firework not to be missed. Especially if you have a plan to spend your Christmas holiday in a place with your beloved family. For those of you who do not know or confused to spend the evening with family and friends, the following information 5 best tourist attractions in the world for Christmas holiday:
  1. Vatican holy city, Italy => The Vatican is a holy city to Catholics around the world. No wonder when Christmas arrive, the celebration will be held massive. Christmas celebration in the Vatican is done in the center of a large Catholic church and Christmas time progresses, you will feel an incredible sensation because the spiritual atmosphere is very thick. Not only that, nativity scene of Jesus was held along the Vatican City. You can also visit other places such as the Santa Maria church on the Capitoline hill. Even at dusk, you can follow the Mass in Basalika St. Peter who become the center of the Christmas celebration. Vatican city is indeed one of the most exciting pilgrim at Christmas will arrive. You can make the Vatican city is one of the destination of your Christmas holiday.
    Christmas in Vatican
  2. Excitement in Bondi beach, Australia => In contrast to other countries that celebrate Christmas with the atmosphere so cold and snow, Bondi beach has a very sunny weather and it is a primary goal of the backpacker. You will not find people who are cold and wearing a coat, but you will find people who are wearing thin clothes on the beach. You will be rocked with rousing performance, such as the presence of music bands and DJs. Bondi beach in Australia is very convenient of you who want to spend the Christmas holiday with a different atmosphere.
    Christmas in Bondi beach
  3. Christmas market in Nürnberger, Germany => Nothing wrong if you and your family to visit Germany when the Christmas holiday, especially in Nürnberger. You will be pampered by the presence of the Christmas market or Weihnachtsmarkt selling all kinds such as candy, cookies, Christmas trinkets are ideal for Christmas gift. In addition, you can enjoy large-sized sausages typical German, beverage spices that make your body warm, and enjoy the beauty of these towns. You will feel Nürnberger city like a fairy tale that exudes an aura of romanticism special.
    Christmas market in Nürnberger
  4. Sparkling Christmas in Tokyo, Japan => For those of you who want to spend a holiday in countries of Asia, Tokyo is one of the very right place. You'll find thousands of beautiful sparkling lights when you visit Japan, especially at Christmas. You will be amazed as the celebration very festive with thousands decoration of lights installed along the streets of Tokyo. For those of you who want to spend a romantic evening with your spouse, Tokyo is the perfect place for you. Not only that, the Japanese people usually celebrate Christmas by cooking fried chicken, cake with strawberries.
    Christmas in Tokyo
  5. Bethlehem => Bethlehem is already familiar to Christians in the world. Christian people believe that Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus Christ. You will feel a spiritual atmosphere that is so remarkable took place on Christmas Eve. You will see Christmas trees are displayed tens to hundreds of them in the middle of Manger Square in the Old City. Feast in Bethlehem is currently Midnight Mass at the St. Catherine church, right when the bell rang at 12 pm.
    Christmas in Bethlehem

Well, that's the info on the five best tourist attraction in the world for the Christmas holiday this year. You can spend the Christmas holiday with friends and your family with a different atmosphere. Immediately planned a Christmas holiday with family and friends immediately and prepare everything from now. Welcome the Christmas rush!

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