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Tourist attraction Kedung Kayang waterfall

Tourist attraction Kedung Kayang waterfall - Kedung Kayang waterfall is situated in Pabelan river flow coming from two mountains namely Merbabu and Merapi mountain. Kayang Kedung waterfall located at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level and in the border of Magelang and Boyolali regency. Precisely between Wonolelo village, Sawangan subdistrict, Magelang regency and Klakah village, Selo subdistrict, Boyolali regency. The distance to be taken from nearby locations:
  • From Magelang : 30 km
  • From Boyolali : 30 km
  • From Yogyakarta : 55 km

Tourist attraction Kedung Kayang is a nature tourism in the form of a natural waterfall with an altitude of 39 meters with 80 degree slope position cliff. Water flowing of Kedung Kayang waterfall flow throughout the year and it is derived from four springs that are all derived from the slope of Merbabu mountain and came up waterfall water flow of about 60 liters / sec.

Kedung Kayang Magelang

The admission price per person amounted to IDR 2,500 and in the tourist area of Kedung Kayang there is also resting place for visitors. Visitors can enjoy the scenery the natural river with water clear enough. In addition, visitors can splash around in the bottom of the waterfall.

The history of Kedung Kayang waterfall
Kayang Kedung name obtained from the Empu who was around Kedung Kayang, namely:
  1. Empu Panggung
  2. Empu Putut
  3. Empu Khalik
In ancient time, the Empu is often met at the location of Kedung Kayang waterfall. According to the Empu that Pabelan river give a blessing to the communities surrounding the river. Although the river was largely derived from Merbabu and partly from Merapi. But it is quite believed that Pabelan river will not drain the hot lava from both the mountain. Because they strongly believe that in that place there waiting, namely Kyai Gadung Melati and Nyai Widari Welas Asih.

The Empu held a meeting whose purpose will hold a magic contest in the form 'Tanding Balang' or throwing contest. Tanding Balang held in Suro (Muharram). Which in essence 'Who can pelted Kedung Kayang with goose egg and if still intact until at Kedung Kadang, then he was the winner'.

It turns out all the eggs from three Empu broke out after entering in Kedung Kayang. Then they went down the cliff to see Kedung Kayang. However, anyangan (shell) egg was not in Kedung Kayang or disappeared without a trace.

And then they agreed to give a name Kedung Kayang. Furthermore, a fraction of their eggs, by Kyai Gadung Melati and Nyai Widari Welas Asih cause a spring that was in front of a waterfall that will flow throughout the year. As for the spring that arise are:
  • Egg belonging to Empu Putut become spring get out from the rock in the middle of the northern part of the cliff.
  • Egg belongs to Empu Panggung become spring get out in the east side of the waterfall.
  • Egg belonging to Empu Khalik became spring get out in the west side of the waterfall.
These three springs that appear from cracks sidelines of boulder. Behind the waterfall there is a cave with width approximately 2 meters, height approximately 2.5 meters and unlimited length (unknowable) because there is no end.

If anyone would like to go into the cave should go first in Kedung Kayang, then climb about 1.5 meters behind the waterfall. The cave in antiquity is often used to meditate by people who have a special interest to ask for directions from the Almighty.

The mystic atmosphere of Kedung Kayang
Kedung Kayang has uniqueness and peculiarities of its own, that is, when in the month of Suro (Muharram) on Kliwon Friday night often sound the strains of Javanese Gamelan, on Wage Thursday all the monkeys that are around Kedung Kayang gathered above the waterfall, and many other wonders that are often encountered by local people and visitors who are in Kedung Kayang.

The spring that surround the waterfall there is called Penguripan spring commonly used by people for a variety of purposes and objectives. There was also named Kinasihan spring which also believed useful for those who need.

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