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The natural beauty of Grojogan Sewu, Tawangmangu

Tourist attraction Grojogan Sewu is beautiful in Tawangmangu, Karanganyar - Nature tourism consisting of mountainous area is one of the tourist destination most preferred by the tourists. Besides wanting to enjoy the cool weather, tourists usually also want to enjoy the scenery of green mountains. Tourist attraction like this are often crowded with visitors in the holidays or the weekend arrives. In Jakarta city, you can enjoy the cool air in the peak area of Bogor. It has often been discussed in the television media that this place is always a favorite Jakarta residents who want to spend holidays with family or close relatives. If in Jakarta city, people spend the holidays in the Peak. Then in Solo city, people usually choose Tawangmangu area to serve as a natural tourist sites. In these places have characteristics almost similar to the peak area of Bogor, where there is a green consisting of mountaneous areas scenery and the cool air. In this area there are many villas and hotels are ready to serve as a place to stay with the group.

Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu

One of the tourist attraction offered in the area Tawangmangu is Grojogan Sewu. The word of 'Grojogan Sewu' is a Javanese word which means 'thousand waterfall'. The Javanese call something that a lot with the 'thousand'. So maybe the word 'thousand', This means that the waterfall is a large waterfall that drain a lot of water. Tourist attraction Grojogan Sewu become the pride of citizens Karanganyar, Central Java because it has a natural beauty that is unbelievably beautiful and very exotic scenery.

The location of tourist attraction Grojogan Sewu
Tourist attraction Grojogan Sewu is situated in the Tawangmangu subdistrict, Karanganyar regency, Central Java province. These tourist sites can be reached less than about 1.5 hours from the city of Surakarta. Mountainous atmosphere is very pronounced in Tawangmangu because it is located on the slopes of Lawu mountain.

The natural beauty of Grojogan Sewu, Tawangmangu
Tourist destination of Sewu Grojogan in Tawangmangu is a waterfall with an altitude of about 81 meters. You can imagine how beautiful this waterfall. This waterfall is surrounded by forests included in the conservation area managed by KSDA. In order to arrive at the location Grojogan Sewu, it takes a fairly strenuous struggle. Visitors must descend the stair which numbering approximately 1,000 pieces. In some corners of stair, there are gazebos that can be utilized to rest when tired. Along the stairs are usually greeted by dozens of monkeys that live in the wild. Not infrequently these monkeys 'ROB' plastics brought by visitors. Therefore you should be careful. After going down the stair then you will be presented with stunning view of a waterfall that is Grojogan Sewu. In the area Grojogan Sewu, already there is swimming pool that is used for our children to swim.

Amenities at Grojogan Sewu, Tawangmangu
In the vicinity of Grojogan Sewu, we can meet wide range of facilities that cater for tourists, such as swimming pool, stalls selling a variety of food, etc. Morever, the region's own Tawangmangu found many hotels and villas which you can rent for your vacation with your family.

The myth about Grojogan Sewu, Tawangmangu
Water flowing from the tourist attraction Grojogan Sewu is beautiful then flows through a river fairly swift. This river divides tourism area Tawangmangu into two. As the connecting created a bridge that is located right in front of Grojogan sewu. This bridge is often used as the background of picture together because the scenery is very nice. On the opposite side of the river, visitors can enjoy a very dense forest tourism. With overgrown by the towering pine trees and make the atmosphere more cool and beautiful. Well, there is a bit of a myth that developed at tourist site Grojogan Sewu. It was said that if you visit Tawangmangu together unmarried girlfriend or boyfriend, and walked across the bridge, then the relationship will fail and will not be up to the level of marriage. However this myth does not apply to married couples. So if you believe in this myth, if you went with a girlfriend, do not cross the bridge. You simply in the garden area and do not have to forests. But all of that back again to every individual of each, whether to believe or not.

Culinary in the surrounding area of Tawangmangu
Before getting to the tourism Grojogan Sewu, if you from Solo city, you'll find Tawangmangu traditional markets. Here you able to shop wide variety of souvenirs typical from Tawangmangu. Snacks typical of Tawangmangu is in the form of snack chips purple yam. Then you can also find wide variety of vegetables such as carrots, cabbage etc. That's because the Tawangmangu region is a center for the cultivation of vegetables and the climate is very supportive. When you visit Tawangmangu do not forget to enjoy typical dish such as rabbit satay. Along the way encountered a lot of rabbit satay seller.

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