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Tourist attractions in the region of Merapi-Merbabu mountain, Boyolali

Tourist attractions in the region of Merapi-Merbabu mountain, Boyolali - Selo subdistrict, Boyolali regency is a subdistrict that is located between two major mountain is Merapi and Merbabu mountain. With its geographical location it can be ascertained that the mountain atmosphere is very pronounced in this region. Almost every day this place is cold, especially at certain moments, mists covered so visibility is reduced. In this area fairly advanced agricultural, the most widely cultivated of commodities are tobacco and vegetable crops such as cabbage, radish, cabbage, carrots, cole, etc. There are several famous tourist attractions in the area Merapi-Merbabu, including:
  1. The peak of Merapi => Tourist attraction that will be discussed first in the region of Merapi-Merbabu, Boyolali is the peak of Merapi. To climb Merapi mountain can be reached through several pathways. However the most demanding route is the path through Selo, Boyolali. Merapi hiking trail through Selo starting from New Selo region. An area that is very cool. Here is available Basecamp that can be used by anyone who wants to go to the top of Merapi. If you just want to stop just as well be really. Here are some stalls that provides snacks. Merapi mountain climbing lane will usually be crowded on holidays arrive, and culminating on Independence Day August 17, because at the summit to be held some sort of ceremony. To go to the peak of Merapi, you have to be super careful, because the terrain is very heavy. Suggested every group of at least 3 people and there is ever climbing to the peak of Merapi. In addition to its rugged terrain, there are some myths that developed in Merapi. Among them are the centers of jin and demon who are in the Bubrah market. An area that is passed when climbing Merapi. However all returned to our self confidence. Still remember the tragedy at the peak of Garuda Merapi? a university student was killed because of a slip in the crater of Merapi mountain. Presumably these events can be a lesson for us all. During the trip to the peak of Merapi you are served by the natural landscape of the National Park of Merapi mountain, which is very beautiful.
    The peak of Merapi
  2. The peak of Merbabu => To reach the summit of Merbabu we can take it from Selo, Boyolali. So do not be surprised if at certain moments in the area around Selo market, found many adventurers and nature lovers who will climb the mountain either in Merapi nor Merbabu. Their performance was easily recognizable because it usually carries a bag carrier with the full contents of mountain climbing equipment. But actually not much who climbing the Merbabu mountain from Selo lane. They usually climb Merbabu of Kopeng lane, Magelang, and then down through Selo, Boyolali. The top of Merbabu mountain has a very beautiful natural scenery. Merbabu dubbed the volcano was sleeping because Merbabu mountain is a volcano. However it has not erupted again. Merbabu has 5 craters namely Candradimuka crater, Kendang crater, Kombang crater, Rebab crater, and Sambernyowo crater. There are two peaks of Merbabu mountain that are the Sharif peak with an altitude of 3,119 meters and the Kenteng Songo peak with an altitude of 3,142 meters.
    The peak of Merbabu
  3. Lowo and Song cave => The tourist attraction in Selo, Boyolali next are the Lowo and Song cave. They are situated in the Sepandan Wetan hamlet. It was said that both of this caves was once used as a place to hide the Qur'an at the time there was an uprising MMC. The hordes of MMC is an abbreviation of Merapi Merbabu Complek which is a group of vandals with communist ideology.
    Lowo and Song cave
  4. Samiran tourism village => Samiran village is one of the villages in the Selo subdistrict, Boyolali. This village has a huge potential for agro-tourism. In this area is the center of the development of various kinds of vegetables because this area is very suitable for arable vegetables. This reminds us of the region in Lawu or region at the top of Bogor. Vegetable commodities in Samiran for instance loncang, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, squash, red and green lettuce.
    Samiran tourism village
  5. The substation observation of Merapi mountain => As we all know that Merapi mountain is the most active volcano in the world. Therefore it is necessary for continuous observation so that in case of dangerous volcanic activity at Merapi mountain may soon be known and communicated to the public so that it can take anticipatory measures. There are 5 Merapi mountain substation observation were built. Among them are the Uga substation observation in the Samiran Village, Boyolali, Jrakah substation observation in the Jrakah Village, Boyolali, Kaliurang substation observation in the Kaliurang Village, Yogyakarta, Pos Ngepos substation observation in Magelang, Mbabatan substation observation in Magelang, and the Ndeles substation observation in Klaten, but it now closed and not used again. At the Merapi mountain substation observation, we can see clearly beauty of Merapi mountain and can see some of the data captured by the officer in the observation of Merapi mountain.
    The substation observation of Merapi
  6. Traditional ceremonies and art => As people who live near mountain, there are so many traditional ceremonies and traditional art are still preserved in the area of Selo subdistrict, Boyolali regency. Among the traditional ceremonies and traditional art are: Black Mask dance, Kuda Lumping Turangga Seta dance, Prajuritan Turangga Seta dance, Karawitan, Reog dance, alms Merapi mountain, etc.
    Kuda Lumping Turangga Seta

Similarly was some potential for tourism in the Selo subdistrict, Boyolali regency which it is an area of Merapi and Merbabu mountain. Don't forget to popped into the Selo if you through this pathway. We are sure you can see a landscape that doesn't exist anywhere else.

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