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Batu Seribu, nature tourism mainstay in Sukoharjo

Batu Seribu, nature tourism mainstay in Sukoharjo - Sunday is a day that is usually used by many people for a holiday or a 'refreshing' with family or loved ones. In Sukoharjo indeed there are many tourist attractions that can be used as an option to fill holiday time. One of them is Batu Seribu nature tourism. Batu Seribu nature tourism, besides an interesting place is also a tourist attraction for a family that is very complete and the terrain is quite challenging. So it becomes a sensation itself for visitors. Winding asphalt road with a view of Seribu hills. It makes the journey to the tourist area of Batu Seribu giving the impression of natural silence. Thousands of bare teak tree stretching as far as the eye can see. Enveloped almost the entire ridge.

It took about an hour from the city of Solo to reach Batu Seribu located in the Gentan village, Bulu subdistrict, Sukoharjo regency. This tourism stands in an area of about 2.5 hectares with geographical conditions utilizing limestone hills. By harnessing the natural beauty, the area was transformed as a family attraction with all the amenities such as swimming pool, sendang bathing (spring), the stage art and outbound.

Batu Seribu or thousand stone

Actually tourist attraction Batu Seribu is a tourist area where there are fusion between elements of mountain, valley, sendang, bathing and forest tourism are stunning. Arriving at the destination location, precisely at the entrance, you will find a sendang that was inhabited by white catfish. It is said that the white catfish was hallowed by the surrounding community. Because it is believed to be is the embodiment of 'Kyai Truno'.

Following from the sendang, right above sendang there is a natural bathing pool provided exclusively for the public. The pool water source comes from the water that flows from the hills were clear and cool. According to myth, bathing in this pool can cure various diseases. Beside the tourist attractions before, in this area there is also a campground at the top of the hill is quite representative. Similarly, there is forest tourism in the form of an acacia plant can provide coolness for tourists.

The location of tourist attraction Batu Seribu
Batu Seribu located in the Gentan village, Bulu subdistrict, Sukoharjo regency, Central Java province. You can use the lane highways Solo-Wonogiri. From the bus terminal of Krisak Wonogiri to the west toward Tawangsari approximately 10 minutes.

Note : Batu Seribu have meaning thousand stone.

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