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Purwahamba Indah beach in Tegal regency

Purwahamba Indah beach in Tegal regency - Tegal regency in Central Java province is one of regencies located in the province of Central Java. Tegal regency is located in the north of the island of Java and has an area immediately adjacent to the Java Sea. So it has a row of beach that has calm wave. One beach which was also developed as a tourist attraction is the Purwahamba Indah beach. Purwahamba Indah beach commonly called Purin. Purwahamba Indah beach become one of the leading tourist destination Tegal regency were always crowded visited by tourists. Purwahamba Indah beach in Tegal has a beach atmosphere calm and cool because of overgrown with lush palm trees. It is suitable if it is used to unwind after a flurry pass on weekdays.

The location of Purwahamba Indah beach
Purwahamba Indah beach situated on the highway Tegal - Pemalang kilometers 14, Tegal. If taken from Tegal city, you can uses the private or public vehicle that is towards the east about 14 kilometers.

Purwahamba Indah beach

The facilities at Purwahamba Indah beach
If you want to visit tourist attraction Purwahamba Indah beach, then you do not need to worry because in this tourist location has a lot of public facilities that are ready to pamper you along with your group. Some public facilities are already there on the Purwahamba Indah beach are waterboom, mini zoo, swimming pool internationally, water bike, amusement park, cafe, pier, mini train, gazebo, meeting rooms, shelter, jasmine hotel, small mosque, toilet, parking place etc.

The admission price Purwahamba Indah beach
Following is information about the admission price of tourist attraction Purwahamba Indah beach.
The admission price for normal day:
  • Adult : IDR 3,000 + Insurance by Jasa Raharja
  • Children : IDR 2,500 + Insurance by Jasa Raharja

The admission price for holiday
  • Adult : IDR 3,500 + Insurance by Jasa Raharja
  • Children : IDR 3,000 + Insurance by Jasa Raharja

Discounts for group visitors:
  • For 25-50 People : 10%
  • For 50-100 people : 15%
  • For more than 100 people : 20%

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