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Alam Indah beach in the town of Tegal Bahari

Alam Indah beach in the town of Tegal Bahari - If you are visiting to Tegal, feels incomplete if you do not visiting Alam Indah beach. You can visit this beach which is located not far from downtown. There are many interesting activities there. These tourist attraction provide natural scenery beautiful beach, as the name suggests, Alam Indah beach (beautiful natural beach). We could see a stretch of beach and the Java Sea. The waves were not big. So get to swim at beachfront or just playing water. You can not swim? just calm down, on the shoreline many rental buoy that uses car tires. The price is quite affordable. However, to swim must comply with existing guidelines.

For those who want to navigate the beach, on the Alam Indah beach also provide boat rentals. For security issues, we are required uses life jacket provided by the shipowner. Then, after the number of passengers is sufficient, then we will take it get around the beach. But remember to you who are unfamiliar, beware of seasickness (usually those who are often boozy on the bus will experience the same thing when the boat ride). The cost required for the boat ride relatively cheap between IDR 5,000 up to IDR 10,000 per person. Price may change at any time.

Alam Indah beach

Addition to the boat, at the Alam Indah beach there are several bridge that can be used to see the beach. There is one fairly long bridge. This bridge usually used by a visitor to see the sea, fishing, or for the location of the picture.

On the Alam Indah beach available some kind of game, whether it waterboom, horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, children's games, and others. When hungry, around the beach so many food stalls selling typical food Tegal. So we do not have to worry about starving.

Tegal city as a maritime area has old maritime history. Here, the forerunner of Indonesian Navy was born, because in Tegal first born Navy Officer Candidate School and also filled by the Indonesian Navy Base IV.

The location of Alam Indah beach
Alam Indah beach situated not far from the city center, it is located on the shoreline the Java Sea. To get there it is not difficult because it can be reached by cross-pantura. The first area of Alam Indah beach is 4 hectares. Then, along with the addition of facilities, spacious Alam Indah beach increased 3 hectares to 7 hectares. Alam Indah beach existence increasingly growing. Therefore, on 4 September 1978 tourist attraction Alam Indah beach officiated by Mayor Regional Level II Tegal, Mr. Sardjoe. Furthermore, with the development plan tourist attraction Alam Indah beach Tegal city, plus an area of 9 hectares and 21 hectares. With details; 5 hectares of land owned by the local government Tegal city and 16 hectares of land owned by Pelindo III.

The facilities at Alam Indah beach
At this time as a tourist attraction facility is still very traditional. Only a few facilities are as follows:
  • Multi-functional recreational park
  • Bridge
  • Gazebo
  • The entertainment stage
  • Food stalls and cafes

In an undetermined time, Alam Indah beach development plan that has been prepared in the Master Plan PAI is comprised of:
  • Gateway
  • Souvenir shop
  • Main parking
  • PAI building business
  • Restaruant
  • Shophouse
  • Swimming pool
  • Science and technology zone
  • Water games arena
  • Restaurant open
  • Playing sand zone
  • Playing active zone
  • Campsite zone
  • Accommodation
  • Cottage
  • Mosque

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