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Tourist attraction Cacaban reservoir

Cacaban reservoir, alternative tourism in Tegal regency - In addition to nature tourism such as hot water bath Guci very charming, Tegal regency also have artificial tourism in the form of reservoir is quite well known. This reservoir is Cacaban reservoir. At the beginning of the construction of Cacaban reservoir intended to meet the needs of water for irrigation of rice fields in Tegal regency. However, because of the scenery around this reservoir is very beautiful, so many people who come to enjoy the beauty of Cacaban reservoir and then used as tourist attraction. Especially on weekend many people gather in this place to enjoy the natural beauty of Cacaban reservoir. If you are a fan of photography hobby, this place also very good when used as the object of your photography. Therefore, do not forget, take your photography community for hunting in the Cacaban reservoir, Tegal - Central Java. A very nice scenery of course at the time of sunrise. As a complementary at tourist site of Cacaban reservoir have also been established some floating stalls selling a variety of fresh water fish dishes. So do not worry if you are hungry during a visit to this tour. Besides the delicious taste of the food, great view from top of the floating stalls is also very beautiful and unique.

The location of Cacaban reservoir, Tegal
Tourism of Cacaban reservoir located in three subdistricts namely Pangkah subdistrict, Jatinegara subdistrict and Kedungbanteng subdistrict.

Cacaban reservoir

The story of mystery around Cacaban reservoir
Cacaban reservoir is a dam located in Kedungbanteng subdistrict, Tegal regency, Central Java. This extensive reservoir is 928.7 hectares and contains water as much as 90 million cubic meters. This reservoir is supported with background forest landscape with beautiful panorama. Cacaban reservoir inaugurated by President Sukarno in 1952. It is located not far from Slawi, approximately 9 kilometers toward the east or precesly in Karanganyar village, Kedungbanteng subdistrict. Cacaban reservoir is a mainstay of tourism in Tegal regency, besides Guci and Purwahamba Indah beach. Tourists can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, with fishing, walks on the dam or may surround the reservoir by motor boat. The distinctive food is a variety of freshwater fish are at all times available. The following is a story of mystery around the reservoir Cacaban namely:
The story of gold cungkir Cacaban
According to local residents beginning before the Cacaban reservoir established, President Soekarno gets wangsit to build reservoir in Tegal regency, and the chosen location is now a Cacaban reservoir. The place to be built reservoir still shaped countryside which according to the story there are 9 villages were relocated for the realization of reservoir development plan in that area. One such village called Rayan village, now located near Pagerbarang subdistrict, Tegal regency. Development was first inaugurated by President Soekarno and groundbreaking use 'Gold Cungkir'. It is said that Gold Cungkir is still present on the water in the reservoir. But the information is correct or not is still confusing.

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