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12 popular tourist attractions in Tegal

12 popular tourist attractions in Tegal - Tegal is the name of the regency and city in Central Java. Tegal regency capital in Slawi while Tegal city capitalized in Tegal city itself. There are wide range of interesting tourist attractions in both the Tegal regency and in Tegal city. In this discussion we will make in one discussion that 12 popular tourist attractions in Tegal. One of the tour were very popular in Tegal is Guci hot water bath. This place is always crowded by tourists especially during the holiday season arrives. Here is a list of 12 popular tourist attractions in Tegal more.
  1. Guci hot water bath => Guci hot water bath is one of the natural tourist attraction that are very famous in Tegal regency, Central Java, or precisely located in Pekandangan hamlet, Rembul village, Bojong subdistrict, Tegal regency. As the name implies, this tourist attraction has a unique in the form hot spring at the foot of Mount Slamet. The hot spring are 25 pieces with levels varying temperatures. The water that comes out of the Guci hot spring trusted by society can cure various diseases. As well as the thermal bath, the scenery around the Guci is also very interesting because it is located at the foot of Mount Slamet. So the nuances of the cool mountain air is very pronounced.
    Guci hot spring
  2. Purwahamba Indah beach => The location of Tegal regency residing on the edge of the island of Java make this regency has several beach and among them used as a tourist attraction because it has beautiful scenery. Tourist attraction beach in Tegal one of them is Purwahamba Indah beach. This beach has row of very complete facilities ranging from waterboom, swimming pool, mini train, water bike, gazebo, cafe etc. Purwahamba Indah beach has a beautiful color in the form clear blue water beach with the waves not too big and the shoreline is overgrown with lush palm trees. If you are interested to visit this beach you can find its location on the highway Tegal - Pemalang km 14.
    Purwahamba Indah beach
  3. Cacaban reservoir => Cacaban reservoir is a beautiful tourist attraction in Tegal regency. The scenery in this tour is a building reservoir built since 1952 and the laying of the first stone by the President Soekarno. Cacaban reservoir actually has a primary function as facility irrigation for the surrounding rice fields. But it is also used by the Government Tegal regency as a tourist attraction very potential. During this time the Cacaban reservoir seriously developed into a tourist attraction. This was evidenced by the construction of several facilities around the reservoir such as campground, children's playground, stage entertainment, floating stalls, boat tour etc.
    Cacaban reservoir
  4. Agro-tourism antique locomotive => Want to enjoy the antique locomotive surrounding villages and sugar cane plantations? At Tegal you can enjoy it is in agro-tourism antique locomotive managed by PG. Pangkah in Tegal regency, which is part of the PTPN IV Central Java. PG. Pangkah is a company about sugarcane plantations and processing heritage Dutch colonial government which had been nationalized as an Indonesian company. Besides enjoying the antique locomotive, you also can visit the sugar factory and see firsthand the manufacture of sugar using a machine. At certain moments especially before the harvest season begins to be carried out ritual 'temanten cane' which in essence is a form of gratitude to God Almighty for crop yields obtained during the year.
    Antique locomotive Pangkah
  5. Curug Cantel Bumijawa => Curug Cantel Bumijawa has beautiful scenery in the form of curug or waterfall with a height of 60 meters. With that height, then the water that fall will be very heavy. It is not recommended to bathe under a waterfall directly. But unfortunately the beauty of Curug Cantel Bumijawa has not been able enjoyed by the general public because location of this tourist attraction is hidden. Which is situated in the hamlet Kalipedes, Sigedong Village, Bumijawa subdistrict - Tegal regency. Access to the location this tour is also still hard with tracking as far as 400 meters from the highway.
    Curug Cantel
  6. Curug Putri => Curug Putri is also has beautiful scenery, in the form of waterfall in the middle of shady trees. This waterfall is not as high as Curug Cantel. which only has a height of 25 meters. Curug Putri is located on the border of two regencies, between Tegal and Brebes. To reach the Curug Putri is very easy. So that makes Curug Putri as a tourist attraction in Tegal were never empty of visitors.
    Curug Putri
  7. Alam Indah beach => This is one of the beach are crowded with visitors in Tegal. It was because of its strategic location in the city of Tegal. Alam Indah beach has a flat shape with brown beach sand. This beach has a length of 2100 meters and has a good view as clean of litter. On the Alam Indah beach has built several facilities that attract them is waterboom, Monument Bahari and boat tours are very demand by tourists. If you are interested in visit to Alam Indah beach, you can come to a street address Sangir, Mintaragen village, Tegal Timur subdistrict, Tegal city.
    Alam Indah beach
  8. Gerbang Mas Bahari Waterpark => Gerbang Mas Bahari Waterpark is another tourist attraction located in the town of Tegal. This tourist attraction is perfect for traveling with your family, especially during the holiday season arrives. In these places, there are wide variety of rides ready to be enjoyed by our children. Only with tickets costing IDR 15,000 on a normal day or IDR 25,000 on Saturday, Sunday and national holiday, you can enjoy variety of water games such as swimming pool, wave pool, wet futsal, kiddy pool etc. The location of tourist attraction in Tegal city of this one, located adjacent to the bus station Tegal city.
    Kiddy pool
  9. Cempaka lake => Cempaka lake in Tegal regency is a tourist attraction in the form of water source is still natural. The location of this tour located in the village of Cempaka, Bumijawa subdistrict, Tegal regency. Cempaka lake has a beautiful atmosphere with scenery of the lake in the middle of the shady trees and cool tube. Very comfortable to linger over with water play here. Thus, this tourist spot quite crowded with visitors. The wide of Cempaka lake is 15 square meters and be used by local people for daily use as well as irrigation facilities in the surrounding rice fields.
    Cempaka lake
  10. Rita Park => Want to know the family tourist attraction in Tegal city that is currently popular? Surely Rita Park, which is a new tourist attraction located in Tegal. Rita Park is currently the largest rides in Central Java. Here you and your family can enjoy wide variety of games are complete. Therefore Rita Park is often referred to Dufan Central Java. Rides games that are here include kiddie ride, bom-bom car, flying tiger, 5D cinema, traveling circus, frog jump etc. The location of Rita Park is very strategic namely located in the region of Rita Supermall, street colonel Sugiono 155, Tegal.
    Rita Park Tegal
  11. Tanjung mountain => Tanjung mountain or also often called Sitanjung hill is hilly region located in Lebaksiu subdistrict, Tegal. In this area we can enjoy some very interesting sights include Gung river with a stretch of rocks that look beautiful, Sunglon bridge, Sitanjung hill etc. In this area there is also a food stall equipped with fishing which provides variety of menu mainstay namely fish dishes as well as egg martabak the typical of Lebaksiu.
    Sitanjung hill
  12. Taman Rakyat Slawi Ayu (TRASA) => The last tourist destination in Tegal we will discuss this time is the Taman Rakyat Slawi Ayu which is a park that is used as a place to gather, relax and enjoy the typical cuisine Tegal. Taman Rakyat Slawi Ayu can be regarded as a tourist spot which is still new and was opened in 2013. Taman Rakyat Slawi Ayu is located in front of the bus station Slawi. So, it is very easy to reach. The purpose of the establishment of Taman Rakyat Slawi Ayu in Slawi is as a place of community interaction Tegal in various activities, such as social activities, performing arts, sports and so on.
    Taman Rakyat Slawi Ayu

Thus was 12 popular tourist attractions in the regency and the town of Tegal, Central Java. If you are visiting or have friends in Tegal, do not forget took time to visit the beautiful places above.

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