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Kyai Langgeng park in Magelang

Kyai Langgeng park, family favorite tourism in Magelang - During the holiday season such as Eid, then usually we always try to squeeze in a little time for traveling together with our beloved family. That's because this is the best chance we can have to traveled with family as if on a normal day we are always busy with our work or business affairs. So did not get a vacation with family. If you are in Magelang city or surrounding areas, there is a very interesting family tourism namely Kyai Langgeng park. Kyai Langgeng park be in the center city of Magelang and has the beauty and uniqueness. Here is a review about tourist attraction of Kyai Langgeng park in Magelang, Central Java.

The location of Kyai Langggeng park
Kyai Langgeng park located in the center of Magelang, precisely in the street Cempaka No. 6, Magelang city. You can contact the manager Kyai Langgeng park at telephone number (+62) 293-364142 or can see complete information on the website

Kyai Langgeng park

The history of Kyai Langgeng park
The name of Kyai Langgeng park is taken from the name of a fighter whose role when the resistance of Prince Diponegoro against the Dutch invaders. We know that Diponegoro War took place in 1825 - 1830. At the time of Kyai Langgeng died, he was buried in the park area of Kyai Langgeng and till now the tomb is still there and well maintained. Kyai Langgeng park initially only in the form of rice fields and cemeteries that are less productive. Then Drs. H.A. Bagus Panuntun initiative to build tourist attraction in this place. On 15 September 1987, Kyai Langgeng park inaugurated by the Governor of Central Java that time was H. Muhammad Ismail.

What are there in the Kyai Langgeng park?
Aside from being a family tourism, Kyai Langgeng park can be used as an educational tour. That's because at the location of Kyai Langgeng park there are various collections of rare plants such as Dewa Daru (Eugenia Sp), Nagasari (Mesua ferrea), Apple Velvet (Diospiros rabbola), Cempaka Double (Mycelia campaca), Matoa (Pometia pinata ireigfost), Lobi-lobi (Flacouritia inermis roxb), Ruser (Arthocarpus Sp) etc. Whereas for playing of our children, in Kyai Langgeng park already available swimming pool, elanggang teenagers, statues of dinosaurs, traffic park, floating home, playground, open stage, joglo house, river for rafting, mini-rickshaws, Ferris wheel, trains water, mini train, jet coaster, carousel, flying fox, aerospace pavilion, etc. Fun is not it? so immediately if there is time to bring our sons and daughters for a vacation to Kyai Langgeng park, Magelang.

The admission price of Kyai Langgeng park
Here is the ticket information of Kyai Langgeng park, Magelang.

- Regular ticket = IDR 8,000
- Season ticket = IDR 15,000

Saturday, Sunday & National Holiday
- Regular ticket = IDR 12,000
- Season ticket = IDR 20,000

Night ticket (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
- Season ticket = IDR 15,000

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