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Tourist attraction Kampoeng Kopi Banaran is very complete

Tourism Kampoeng Kopi Banaran in Central Java - If you cross the track Solo-Semarang, then you can clearly see a cafe in the west of the road with the name Kampoeng Kopi Banaran. If seen from the outside is a glimpse of Kampoeng Kopi Banaran just plain eating houses which provide food and a resting place for road users in the pathway. But it turns out Kampoeng Kopi Banaran not eat ordinary homes, dozens of cars parked in front of him was not just stop by the lunch break at Kampoeng Kopi Banaran. But in it there is a wide range of facilities that is actually more like known as a tourist attraction.

Kampoeng Kopi Banaran

The location tourism of Kampoeng Kopi Banaran are in the Semarang-Solo highway KM 35 Bawen, Semarang regency. Kampoeng Kopi Banaran is one of the branches of the business managed by PTPN IX Central Java. PTPN is an abbreviation of limited liability company Perkebunan Nusantara, which is a state-owned enterprise engaged in plantation management. Around the location Kampoeng Kopi Banaran is coffee plantation area managed by PTPN. So the existence of Kampoeng Kopi Banaran besides to providing food and beverages for visitors, as well as to serve as a media campaign for several PTPN IX products such as coffee, syrups, sugar packaging, tea, etc.

Then the next question is what is in Kampoeng Kopi Banaran? What are the existing facilities in Kampoeng Kopi Banaran? As the main product of Kampoeng Kopi Banaran is certainly steeping various types of coffee Banaran Bawen a favor and steady in the cafe called 'Coffee House'. But other than that behind Kampoeng Kopi Banaran also has built a wide range of facilities including the playground children, family gathering, corporate gathering, meeting room, coffee walk,  griya robusta, out bound games, mosque, swimming pool, flying fox, gazebo, meeting hall, tennis courts, fruit garden, as well as roaming in gardens with ATV.

Touristic train

Besides exploring the coffee plantation Banaran by using ATV, you can also do so by using the touristic train provided by Kampoeng Kopi Banaran. The path taken is entering the coffee plantations, as well as a few spots where you can see the scenery of Rawa Pening from the top. If lucky, you can meet some of the workers who were conducting maintenance activities or were harvesting coffee. What about the price? Prices of various kinds of food and drinks at Kampoeng Kopi Banaran is fairly affordable.

Now already know what to do in a tourist attraction Kampoeng Kopi Banaran. Don't forget to buy some coffee production as souvenirs for the family at home. Besides to family tourism, Kampoeng Kopi Banaran can also be used as a corporate events such as gathering, meetings, outbound etc. In addition, also available tour packages Kampoeng Kopi Banaran intended for children aged play groups, kindergartens and elementary schools. Tourist attraction Kampoeng Kopi Banaran is very complete.

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