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Tourist attractions around Rawa Pening

Tourist attractions around Rawa Pening, Central Java - Rawa Pening is a lake located in Central Java. This lake has an area of 2,670 hectares where it occupies an area of three different sub district, namely Ambarawa, Bawen, and Tuntang. These three districts are included in the administrative territory of Regency of Semarang, Central Java. Besides Rawa Pening lake as a tourist attraction, there are several other interesting places you can visit and serve as a place to vacation with your family. These places are the result of the development of tourist location Rawa Pening that did have its own privileges. Here are some existing tourist attractions around Rawa Pening, Central Java, among others:
  1. Hunting photo in Rawa Pening => If you're traveling across the path of Semarang-Solo, then you can peek at the beauty of Rawa Pening. Despite all the mystery surrounding this lake, Rawa Pening still a tourist destination is very deserve to be visited. Especially for those of you who like the field of photography. Thus, tourist attraction Rawa Pening is one of the favorite places to hunt for a group photo. There are various scenery that you can explore. Such as is human activities around the lake as fishermen who were fishing. Additionally, various natural landscape of lakes Rawa Pening itself, a pile of boats moored on the banks of the lake, a collection of water hyacinth that surrounds the lake and so forth.
    Fishermen in Rawa Pening
  2. Substation of view Rawa Pening in Bukit Cinta => One more natural landscape Rawa Pening is no less interesting. Bukit Cinta is a hill where we can see Rawa Pening of the top of a hill. According to the history of Bukit Cinta, first this place indeed intended to see the development of the water hyacinth in Rawa Pening by the Dutch colonial government. Understandably, because the Rawa Pening be used as a power plant big enough. Thus, from this place can see the expanse of beautiful Rawa Pening. But, currently, this hill was developed by the government related to family tourist attraction is very interesting. Judging from its name, this place was formerly used as a forum for young people dating. On the other hand there is a myth to say that when it comes to Bukit Cinta with a lover or boyfriendthen relationship will not last. Do you believe? Oh yes, if you are interest to come to this place then you can search for an address Bukit Cinta, on the highway Ambarawa-Banyubiru, Kebundowo village, Banyubiru subdistrict, Semarang regency, Central Java.
    Bukit Cinta
  3. Floating stalls in Kampoeng Rawa => One of the benefits that we can take from Rawa Pening for the surrounding community is the fisheries sector. Many fishermen whose livelihoods depend to catch fish in the Rawa Pening. The existence of this fishermen is then empowered by the local government in order to further improve their welfare. One of effort is to build an attractive tourist attraction for tourists at the location Rawa Pening. It is therefore came the floating stalls in Rawa Pening. This floating stalls providing a variety of freshwater fish dishes outcome of Rawa Pening. In the floating stalls, visitors can enjoy a meal while looking scenery of Rawa Pening is very exotic. In the development of Kampoeng Rawa not only contained floating stalls. But has been coupled with a wide range of tourist facilities, such as the ATV, rubber boat, hall of floating, Jetsky, motor boat, wooden boat, duck boat, pedicab mini bendi, pedicab boat. Is interesting enough?
    Floating stalls
  4. New Rawa Permai recreational park => New Rawa Permai recreational park formerly called Rawa Permai, is a recreational park located in a very strategic location, namely in the path of Solo-Semarang precisely in Tuntang, Semarang regency, Central Java. If you pass the path of Semarang-Solo then you will pass tourist attraction New Rawa Permai recreational park. In this place besides contained a restaurant that provides a variety of delicious dishes, there are also some games for children which is very interesting such as electric scooter, bath balls, duck boat, toy cars, and various other children's games.
    Electric scooter

Similarly, a review of several tourist attractions around Rawa Pening, Central Java. Rawa Pening tour which is one of the leading tourist in Semarang regency. Rawa Pening tour offer wide variety of tourism that very interesting to visit, especially with your beloved family.

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