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12 of tourist attractions that need to be visited in Rembang

12 of tourist attractions that need to be visited in Rembang - Rembang is one regency that is included in the province of Central Java. Rembang is the north end of the east of the province of Central Java and in the eastern section has been directly adjacent to the area of East Java province. More details, Rembang regency boundaries are north bordered by Java Sea, west of Pati regency, south by Blora and east by Tuban - East Java.

There are several tourist attractions located in Rembang. This tour is a form of nature tourism, beach tourism, and there is also a form of historical tourism. Indeed tourist attractions in Rembang is not as popular with tourist attractions in other regency. But for residents of communities Rembang and the surrounding can be used as an alternative tourist attractions in the face of a short holiday. Here are 12 of tourist attractions that need to be visited in Rembang in full, namely:
  1. Tomb of Raden Ajeng Kartini => Raden Ajeng Kartini (R.A. Kartini) is a hero emancipation of women born in Jepara on April 21, 1879. The birthday of her then set as Kartini Day. Where the day it was dedicated in honor of her services in the fight for the emancipation of women. At that time the position of women is still considered low compared with men. Then why the tomb of R.A. Kartini located in Rembang? It seems not many know that during her lifetime, R.A. Kartini was married with a Regent of Rembang who served at that time that K.R.M. Adipati Ario Singgih Djojo Adhiningrat. R.A. Kartini died in Rembang on September 17, 1904 and her body was buried in the village of Bulu, Bulu subdistrict located 17.5 km to the south of the town Rembang. The tomb of R.A. Kartini became one of the historical tourism in Rembang. In the holiday season, it could not hurt to bring your family to visit and visit the tomb of R.A. Kartini while learning about the history of her services.
    Tomb of Raden Ajeng Kartini
  2. Dampo Awang beach => Dampo Awang beach is one of the few leading tourism in Rembang. Locations spot beach tourism in Rembang is very strategic because it is located in the heart of Rembang. Precisely in the east of Rembang district government offices. Dampo Awang beach is also known as Kartini park or even some who call Kartini beach. Sometimes it is confused with the Kartini beach in Jepara regency. However, both of this beach is a different beach. Rembang and Jepara is two cities are very attached to the existence of National Hero, R.A. Kartini. So it is only natural that many locations were named Kartini. Dampo Awang beach in Rembang is a tourist spot has been done development in such a way. So it becomes a very potential tourist attraction. The view offered here is not only limited to the shore, but there are also garden, various collections of rare animals, swimming pools etc.
    Dampo Awang beach
  3. Karang Jahe beach => Karang Jahe beach is a tourist spot in Rembang is still relatively new and recently to be excellent in Rembang. Hearing of name is quite unique. By the time we first heard the name of Karang Jahe, we think maybe the name was taken from an address in the vicinity of this beach. However, it turns out the name of the village where this beach is not the Karang Jahe Village. Karang Jahe beach located in the village of Punjulharjo, Rembang, Central Java. It turns out questions about the name of Karang Jahe missed out at the time of our visit there. In tourist locations Karang Jahe beach found many fragments of coral shaped like ginger. The scenery in Karang Jahe beach are not as disappointing. White sandy beach and very clean, and not much visited by tourists. So it can play on the beach as much. (Karang Jahe = coral ginger).
    Karang Jahe beach
  4. Caruban beach => As it does like is Karang Jahe beach, Caruban beach which is located in subdistrict of Lasem also still need a lot of touches development of local government. The scenery in tourist attraction Caruban beach also very beautiful. However, the facilities provided at this spot is still minimal. Visitors are also not many people come here. Though it is unfortunate if not developed seriously because the scenery here is very nice. Travelers who come, mostly from Rembang and surrounding communities. Not to many tourists who come from other regions distant.
    Caruban beach
  5. Jatisari beach => Rembang regency has several tourist destinations which is a pity to miss. Besides Karang Jahe beach and Dampo Awang beach, there is also a Jatisari beach. Jatisari beach located in subdistrict of Sluke, Rembang, Central Java. Jatisari beach also has a view of the beach that is is still natural and has not been visited by the public. Besides having a beautiful white sand there is also a landscape of rock that adds a natural feel on this beach.
    Jatisari beach
  6. Binangun beach => If you cross the path Lasem-Rembang then you will be served by a beach with a very beautiful scenery. This beach is located right on the edge of the highway. So the nuances contained in this beach is really different with other beaches in Rembang. This beach is known as Binangun beach -Rembang. Binangun beach near with area of religious tourism petilasan of Sunan Bonang. Currently, this area is being developed into a tourist region integrated with the addition of various facilities such as rest areas, hotels, restaurants, etc.
    Binangun beach
  7. Petilasan of Sunan Bonang => Sunan Bonang or real name Raden Makdum Ibrahim is one of walisongo which is a propagator of Islam in Java land. In the village of Bonang, subdistrict of Sluke, Rembang, there is a petilasan of Sunan Bonang or more precisely place of prostration Sunan Bonang currently frequented by the public. This prostration place is a stone supposedly they said formerly used by Sunan Bonang to prostrate in order to get closer to the Almighty. Because of the length prostration Sunan Bonang, so the stone is used as the base prostration leave scars. Place of prostration Sunan Bonang, at this time sacred by citizens and become religious tourism for the people Rembang and surrounding areas.
    Petilasan of Sunan Bonang
  8. Wana Wisata Kartini => For those of you who love nature tourism, then you can try one of the beautiful tourist in Rembang namely Wana Wisata Kartini in the village of Mantingan, subdistrict of Bulu, Rembang regency. This location is located far from the urban city of Rembang. Simply, you can take the route towards the city Blora and walk about 24 km from the town of Rembang. This tourist location adjacent to the tomb of R.A. Kartini, so given the name Wana Wisata Kartini. There are different kinds of beauty on offer in these places, particularly is tourism forests managed by Perhutani KPH Mantingan. At this location has also been developed into a tourist area with the addition of various facilities including a playground.
    Wana Wisata Kartini Mantingan
  9. Karangsari campground => Besides well-known for its beautiful beaches, in the area of Rembang also a tourist attraction in the form of a campground. Precisely is Karangsari Park campground. Karangsari campground located in the village of Karangsari, subdistrict of Sulang, Rembang regency, which is managed by the Scout Movement branch kwartir Rembang. In Campground this ever organized activities such as Scouting Anniversary Ceremony Levels Central Java in 2003 and the Regional Jamboree XII kwartir Central Java regional in 2007. Karangsari campground is also known as the largest campground in Rembang.
    Karangsari campground
  10. Argopuro peak => Argopuro peak is the name mountain peak of a Mount Lasem in Rembang regency. Mount Lasem is more similar hills that are in Lasem with an altitude of 806 meters above sea level. Although height is still far lower than any other mountain in the island of Java, but the Argopuro peak always be an option for nature lovers around the regency of Pati, Blora, Rembang, and surrounding areas, especially on the eve of New Year and school holidays. Although relatively short, it turns hiking trail of Argopuro peak is quite tiring. Based on the experience it takes about 2.5 hours to reached the top Argopuro with a leisurely stroll or about 1 hour if it has experience with the terrain in this peak. To climb, you can start on the path that starts from the village of Ngroto, subdistrict of Pancur, Rembang.
    Argopuro peak
  11. Natural tourism park Sumber Semen => Natural tourism park Sumber Semen is one of the tours in Rembang that has not been ogled by tourists. Conditions in these spot are also still needs a lot of improvements so that can be relied become a potential tourist attraction. The location of this nature tourism is in Gading village, Sale subdistrict, Rembang. There are some facilities that have been built in these place namely open garden, children's play facilities, campground, mosque, and especially the two swimming pools. At this location has a diversity of flora and fauna are well preserved. Collection of flora contained therein are mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni), teak (Tectona grandis), miri (Aleurites moluccana), persimmon (Diospyros haseltii), kepel (Stelechocarpus burahol). While the fauna found in this park are Jungle fowl (Gallus sp.), Lutung (Presbytis sp.), kacer (Lepsypus saularis), finches(Pycnonotus aurigaster).
    Natural tourism park Sumber Semen
  12. Lasem historic city => Lasem subdistrict contained in the eastern city of Rembang is a unique subdistrict. Lasem is known as the first landing place Chinese ethnic in Java. Traces the history of Lasem subdistrict until now still can be tracked with a wide range of heritage buildings that still maintained its authenticity. In Lasem there are Chinese township very numerous and scattered in various areas in Lasem. The existence of strong ethnic Chinese shades makes Lasem dubbed the 'Small Chinese'. But in its development, Lasem also influenced by Islam spread by the Wali Songo. This resulted in the number of Muslims in Lasem is very much. Even, Lasem also dubbed the Santri city, in this city where there are many of pesantren that even among led by Kyai charismatics such as KH. Maksum, Sayid Abdurrahman Basyaiban, KH. Khalil, KH. Baidhowi, KH. Masduki etc.
    Lasem historic city

Similarly, a review about 12 of tourist attractions that need to be visited in Rembang for those tourists who are visiting Rembang. Hopefully as time went on the various tourist attractions in Rembang can be managed and developed to the maximum. So can contribute significant local revenues for local development.

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