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Tourist attraction Arjuna temple

Tourist attraction Arjuna temple on Dieng with a cool atmosphere - As well as the beautiful natural tourism turned out Dieng plateau region also has an important historical heritage. Historical heritage in Dieng is in the form of the temple named Arjuna temple. Arjuna temple is one of the several temples that are within the territory enshrinement Arjuna. In the region of Arjuna temple, in addition there are Arjuna temple itself also contained Semar temple,Sembadra temple, Puntadewa temple, and Srikandi temple. The atmosphere at the location of Arjuna temple is very cool and beautiful, because Arjuna temple located on the Dieng which is a plateau. In the vicinity of Arjuna temple has also been arranged in such a way so that it looks beautiful and green. Arjuna temple on Dieng is not as big as the Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta. But in this tourist attraction offers its own beauty so that every day is always visited by tourists.

Location of Arjuna temple, Dieng
Arjuna temple located in one of the tourist area in the Dieng Plateau. To reach it is very easy because a lot of signpost that will direct you to the location of this tourist. Arjuna temple is one of several tourist attractions in Dieng managed by local government Banjarnegara.

History of Arjuna temple, Dieng
Arjuna temple area was first discovered in 1814 by a British soldier namely Van Kinsbergen. At the time of discovered of course conditions are not as it is now, but is still very alarming. That's because when it was discovered, Arjuna temple was submerged by swamps. The process of draining the swamp occurs only after 40 years since discovered. Arjuna temple began to be developed as a tourism in 2010 and managed by the government Banjarnegara through the Department of Tourism and assisted by Tourism Awareness Group.

Arjuna temple

The beauty of tourist attraction Arjuna temple, Dieng
Tourist attraction Arjuna temple is one of the leading tourism in Dieng Plateau and always visited by many tourists. In the area of Arjuna temple, you can watch Arjuna temple and several other temples which stand upright and surrounded by green grass is very neat. Rows of trees also appear around the area Arjuna temple, giving rise to the impression of a beautiful and natural. In this place you also can feel the sensation of riding a horse which is managed by the locals. By the time we came to Arjuna temple there are two horses that are offered to visitors.

Outside the territory of Arjuna temple before to the parking vehicle, there are several vendors selling typical products Dieng. Moreover, if not Purwaceng. This health drink can be enjoyed directly at place or taken home as souvenirs. Besides Purwaceng, in this place also sold several snacks such as French fries and noodles.

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