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The beauty peak of Mount Prau

Mountaineering Prau Dieng and beautiful spot that you will pass - the Dieng plateau is indeed storing various beautiful places are waiting for you to explore, especially for those of you who feel as nature lovers. This region was endowed with a variety of beautiful scenery and natural phenomenon very interesting. In the region Dieng plateau, there is a mountain that has the highest peak in Dieng namely Mount Prau. Mount Prau certainly invites climbers from various areas to hike and enjoy the natural beauty presented. Although not as popular as other mountains such as Mount Merbabu, Lawua, Sumbing, Merapi, Sindoro, and others. However, Mount Prau quite a lot of visitors, due to special natural scenery. Seen from altitude, Mount Prau also relatively shorter compared with a mountain in the vicinity of the more famous, which is only 2,565 meters above sea level.

Discussion about mountaineering Prau, Dieng certainly will not discuss about technical aspects of mountaineering Prau. But more towards aspects of its natural beauty, as an inseparable part of a tour package in Dieng Plateau is already very famous. In lane climbing mountain Prau, you will find some very beautiful spot and popular among hikers. Beautiful spots in Mount Prau become the main attraction for tourists to visit and be willing to climb the mountain Prau. You should know that Mount Prau, Dieng has an elongated shape with a rather large size. Prau mountain region there are included in Banjarnegara regency,  Kendal regency, Wonosobo regency, and Batang regency.

Mountain Prau

Lane for mountaineering Prau via Dieng
To be able to climb Mount Prau in Dieng there are several alternative pathways climbing that you can travel. Among them are via the with start in Kendal, precisely in the village of Kenjuran, subdistrict of Sukoreja. From this point you have to travel for 6 hours to get to the peak of Mount Prau. Another lane that you can travel is via Dieng which is a favorite track ascent of Mount Prau. The point of lane mountaineering Prau, Wonosobo, Dieng, start from the village of Patak, subdistrict of Banteng, where the travel time to the peak of Mount Prau only about 2-3 hours. With lane mountaineering Prau via Patak-Banteng, you will be able to see the sights of the Dieng plateau amazingly beautiful.

The beauty scenery of mountain Prau
For those of you who have ever climbed a mountain already know how beautiful landscape that is presented on top of the mountain. Especially at sunrise, orange light visible to the east will further add to the atmosphere in the morning and looks dramatic. In the peak of mountain Prau also has a beauty that is very nice. If you want to see the peak of mountain Prau at the time of sunrise, how good you are camping and make a tent on top of Mount Prau so as not to miss this very nice moment. Don't worry, at the peak of Mount Prau lot of climbers who also made a tent, especially during the holiday season. At the sunrise time, you can watch the stunning scenery from peak of Mount Prau. From here you just like being in the country above the clouds. How not, the clouds that usually we see above, at the peak of Mount Prau the clouds were below us. From a distance visible mountain Sindoro and Sumbing peeking out from white clouds.

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