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Enjoy the exotic scenery of stone Ratapan Angin

Enjoy the exotic scenery of stone Ratapan Angin, Dieng - There are so many spots that used to enjoy the beauty of nature in the Dieng plateau. On the hill Sikunir, you can see the amazing sunrise. Then in the substation Pandang Dieng, you can enjoy the expanse of rolling hills decorated by agricultural land owned by residents Dieng. One more thing that is not less interesting sights, namely enjoying two telaga in Dieng, Telaga Warna and Pengilon from a height. Where else if not in stone Ratapan Angin or stone Pandang.

Stone Ratapan Angin is a location that is located above the Telaga Warna in the form of two large stones. Where from this place we can see the incredible landscape Telaga Warna from a height. The contrast from the color of water in Telaga Warna and Pengilon can be seen clearly from this place. Exotic scenery in Dieng has invited tourists to visit.

To reach out to stone Ratapan Angin, you can through Telaga Warna or from Dieng Plateau Theater. But for a shorter distance seems closer if from Dieng Plateau Theater. From here you only need a few minutes to walk to this location, with a bit of a hike path. If taken from Telaga Warna then it takes more time, but on the other hand you will be able to enjoy the beautiful jungle tour which are above Telaga Warna. This jungle tour is very shady and overgrown with various kinds of trees.

Stone Ratapan Angin

The legend of stone Ratapan Angin
There is an interesting story about the Stone Ratapan Angin associated with its origin. Surrounding communities call it by the legend of stone Ratapan Angin. Curious as to what the story? Here is the story of the origin of stone Ratapan Angin is complete.

In ancient times, there lived a couple consisting of a handsome prince and a beautiful princess. Both establish love, love each other and be happy in a region. Once, there was a third party to interfere with love relationships both. This man is so dazzling so that captivate the princess. The Princess was secretly affair with this man. Although covered with so tightly, one day badness will surely smell as well. The prince finally felt a strange thing in the attitude of the princess. Secretly, the prince investigate what's going on with the strange attitude of the princess. At the time she came out for establish love with new boyfriend, the Prince followed him from behind without being noticed by the Princess. Arrived on a hill, the princess meet with man who became her lover and making love in the shade it. The Prince was very surprised to see what happened. Without waiting for a long time again, the Prince immediately rebuked unofficial a pair of lovers. The princess who saw the prince appeared suddenly became shocked. Fierce quarrel ensued between them. Due ignited a sense of emotion, princess reckless act by trying to kill the prince. The prince became angry, and finally condemned the princess and her secret lover into stone. The princess into stone sitting, while the man affair into a stone standing. These stones when buffeted by strong winds will cause sounds like is moans. Is regarded as a voice crying both and lamenting mistakes. The community then named the stone with 'Stone Ratapan Angin'. (Note : Ratapan Angin have meaning Lamentations Wind)

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