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The uniqueness and beauty of Merdada lake

Tourist attraction Merdada lake, the largest lake that is unique in Dieng - Dieng plateau which covering the area of Wonosobo and Banjarnegara can indeed be regarded as a paradise for nature tourism. There are many different kinds of natural beauty presented in this area. There are craters, lakes, hills and even temples can be found at the Dieng plateau region. Various kinds of these landscapes, partly because basically Dieng area is a giant volcano. Thus, here and there found many natural phenomena related to the activity of volcanology. Include among others Telaga Warna (Colour Lake), which has a high sulfur content and can only be found in volcanic regions.

Besides Telaga Warna, in the tourist area Dieng there are also other lake no less interesting is the Merdada lake. Merdada lake in Dieng is the largest lake in the area of Dieng. Merdada lake extensive is 25 hectares and is a lake that provides many benefits to the surrounding community. This lake functioned as a source of irrigation for agricultural land in the around it as well as serve as a tourist attraction. Moreover, in this lake there are also many freshwater fish. So that in certain places there are people trying to fishing trip in the tourist area of Merdada lake Dieng.

Merdada lake

The location of Merdada lake, Dieng
Tourist attraction Merdada lake located in the village of Karangtengah, subistrict of Batur, Banjarnegara regency. Do not worry, if you've arrived at the Dieng plateau region sure people will know the way to get to these tourist attraction. Just follow the directions given to you. Indeed, the access roads to the tourist attraction of Merdada lake still needs a lot of improvement, so that more tourists are interested in visiting to the beautiful lake in Dieng.

The uniqueness and beauty of Merdada lake, Dieng
Tourist attraction Merdada lake has a very beautiful view. Lake in front of the eyes with clear water and surrounded by natural green hills that make the atmosphere in this lake looks beautiful and cool. Around the lake, you can see some of the farmland being worked by residents and used to grow various of vegetables. We know that Dieng area is very suitable for growing various kinds of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, peppers, including the legendary plant Dieng is very famous, carica fruit. Tourist attraction Merdada lake has its own uniqueness compared to other lakes. Observe the shape of this lake. If the observed shape of this lake, resembles a former caldera basin because large volcanic eruption. The possibility of the initial formation of this lake is due to the activity of volcanology form of the massive eruption of the volcano in the past. Later leave a mark basin were very wide and into a lake.

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