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The clear water of Pengilon lake like a mirror

The clear water of Pengilon lake in Dieng like a mirror - One more lake located in the Dieng plateau area namely Pengilon lake. This lake has a beautiful view so that many tourists who visit the Pengilon lake. In addition to enjoying directly to the edge of the lake, there is another way to enjoy the Pengilon lake and Colour lake (Telaga Warna) Dieng, namely by looking from a height. A famous spot to see both lake from a height is the Stone Ratapan Angin (Lamentations wind). In this place you can see the incredible views namely two adjoining lake, but the water has a different colour. Pengilon lake with clear water colour whereas Colour lake possess changing colour, often greenish. Therefore called Colour lake.

The location of Pengilon lake Dieng
Tourist attraction Pengilon lake, Dieng is located adjacent to the Colour lake namely in the subdistrict of Kejajar, Wonosobo, Central Java, zip code 56353. To reach this lake you can through Colour lake, then down lip Colour lake approximately 100 meters. Along this path you can see the view Colour lake and tourism forest around the Colour lake.

Pengilon lake

The beauty of Pengilon lake Dieng
Tourist attraction Pengilon lake have clear water so that it can reflect other objects that are around the lake. Therefore, this lake is called 'Pengilon' which derived from Javanese language, Ngilo or mirror. Besides the beautiful lake, also supported by the presence of lush trees. Thus adding to the beautiful atmosphere and cool. There are special uniqueness of Pengilon lake in Dieng area namely even though this lake is adjacent to Colour lake, but both have characteristics that are very contradictory. Colour lake has a very high sulfur content so that affects the colour that appears on the surface of the lake. Whereas Pengilon lake not found sulfur content so that the water in it was clear. Even in Pengilon can be found several species of freshwater fish in it.

Myths surrounding Pengilon lake Dieng
As with other tourist attractions in Indonesia, which sometimes has a special story, Pengilon lake also has a number of interesting stories that accompany. Myths that developed in the community around Pengilon lake is that you can see your true identity by reflecting on Pengilon lake. If you looked in the mirror, the image produced looks nice and pretty then chances are you are a kindhearted person. Whereas if the shadow that appears is bad, then chances are reverse and you will have to self introspection. But it's all just a myth, you can believe it or not at all.

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