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The specialty of tourist attraction Sikidang crater

Sikidang crater (Dieng-Wonosobo) - There are wide variety of tourist attractions in the Dieng plateau region. One of the tourist attractions in Dieng are much in demand by tourists is Sikidang crater. Jointly with Arjuna temple and Telaga Warna (Colour Lake), Sikidang crater Wonosobo become leading tourism destination in the Dieng plateau. Sikidang crater is a basin contains crater arising due volcanic activity on the Dieng plateau. The location of Sikidang crater is in the ground fairly flat. So that visitors can clearly see plumes of smoke coming out of Sikidang crater. This is what later attracted the attention of visitors because it can directly see the strange phenomenon that could not be seen in other areas.

But keep in mind that like in other craters, Sikidang crater contains a high sulfur content. So that the gases coming out also contains sulfur and is very toxic and can be harmful to health. For security purposes for visitors around Sikidang crater, already built a fence made of wood, which function as a barrier so that no visitors are plunged into crater or affected by toxic gases of Sikidang crater. As a precaution you should not be over the limit wooden fence and always use a protective mask nose are sold around the parking lot tourism area of Sikidang crater, Dieng.

Sikidang crater

The specialty of Sikidang crater, Dieng
As has been mentioned above that specialty of Sikidang crater is its location at a level ground. So that visitors can see clearly presence of explosion on the surface of the crater, and presence of gas arising from Sikidang crater. Usually crater of a mountain located on a mountaintop and difficult to reach it. It was sometimes crater an existing located deep in the vaults so it is not easy to see. In the Sikidang crater region is not only there is a crater alone. Sikidang crater is a crater that is most clearly seen in the region. In the vicinity there are several craters that form only small, and there are several crater is dead. These small craters always move to move like a deer. Hence this crater, called residents around the Sikidang crater (Sikidang = deer). But there is also another version that tells about the origin of Sikidang crater namely the legend of Sikidang crater are then associated with the condition of children in Dieng who often are children who have dreads. Around the crater of Sikidang there are also two other craters that also serve as tourist attraction. Tourist attraction in the form of crater are located around Sikidang crater is Sileri crater and Candradimuka crater.

The location of Sikidang crater, Dieng
Sikidang crater included in the tourist area of Dieng plateau are be administratively included in Wonosobo regency, Central Java.

The admission price of Sikidang crater, Dieng
To enter the location of tourist attraction Sikidang crater Dieng, then you will be charged an entrance fee of about IDR 6,000.

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