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10 of tourist attractions around Bandungan area, Semarang

10 of tourist attractions around Bandungan area, Semarang - Bandungan area is a tourist area on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, Semarang regency, Central Java. This tourist area is becoming one of the leading tourist area in Central Java. The cool mountain atmosphere becomes one of fascination of this region, in addition there are a wide variety of tourism that have been developed. Thus increasing the number of tourists visiting Bandungan. In the Bandungan region there are different types of tourist attractions ranging from the nature tourism which the famous cool, historical tourism, to family tourism that can be enjoyed in the Bandungan region, Semarang. In this article we will convey 10 of tourist attractions around Bandungan area, Semarang. With this article we hope to provide a bit of insight for those of you who want to visit there. Some tourists still confused the choice tourist destination where are you going. So that one way is go to google and search for keywords about tourist attractions in Bandungan. If you found this article via google, congratulations and hopefully useful. Here are the tourist attractions in the area Bandungan more.
  1. Gedong Songo temple => First tourist destination well-known is Gedong Songo temple. This temple is located in the hamlet of Darum, Candi village, Bandungan subdistrict, Semarang regency. Gedong Songo temple has its own appeal and being in the mountains or at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level make the atmosphere around the temple becomes cooler. In addition to be used as a tourism place, Gedong Songo temple is also often used as a pre wedding location. In this place there are also horses that can be rented by tourists for surround the area of Gedong Songo temple.
    Gedong Songo temple
  2. New Bandungan Waterpark and Family Resort => Formerly New Bandungan Waterpark and Family Resort is known as the Hotel PJKA, which is a hotel for tourists stay. However, later developed into a tourist attractions area in the Bandungan region with various facilities very interesting. This area has an extensive 3 hectares and in which there are various facilities for visitors, such as waterpark, kidcastle, family resort, playground, convention hall, gardening, outbound, fishing, live music, cafe and butterfly sanctuary. So if you are to Bandungan do not forget to visit this place. You can vacation with your family because the facilities are very complete.
    New Bandungan waterpark
  3. Umbul Sidomukti => Umbul Sidomukti is one of tourist destination that is also highly favored by the people of various layers. In Umbul Sidomukti, tourists can enjoy a wide range of facilities that can be enjoyed by all family members of various ages. Some of the facilities available eg adrenaline games, flying fox, outbound training, pool natural park, camping ground, meeting room, ATV, cottage tourism, and cottage lesehan. But of course the most important facility is a pool that is at a height. So if you bathe in this pool, you can while enjoying the scenery of Ungaran city from the top.
    Umbul Sidomukti
  4. Coffee shop Sidomukti => Not far from the bathing Umbul Sidomukti, precisely located at the top there is a coffee shop that is different from the others. This coffee shop not only serves delicious coffee, but also coupled with a different atmosphere. Yes, feels different because enjoying coffee at the coffee shop Umbul Sidomukti conducted in height with the cool air. In the coffee shop there are a wide variety of menu options. The main menu of course coffee can be served hot or cold. Other menu eg milk, tea, juice, traditional beverages such as skoteng, wedang jahe, bajigur, bandrek, etc. You can also order food menu such as grilled bananas, sausage, toast, nuggets, cassava, potatoes, noodle soup Java, fried noodles, fried rice, and the menu package rice. The price of the various menus in the coffee shop Sidomukti also not too expensive. Only around IDR 3,000 to 35,000.
    Coffee shop Sidomukti
  5. Bandungan fishing spot => In addition to enjoying the beautiful natural landscape beautiful Bandungan, you can also enjoy a culinary tour around Bandungan namely in the form fishing spot. Like fishing spot in general, in location of fishing spot, you can enjoy a variety of dishes typical of freshwater fish. Fishing spot is located mainly in the village of Jimbaran, Bandungan subdistrict, Semarang regency, Central Java. Some fishing spots that are well known for example Suharno fishing park, natural cottage fishing Bang Khohar, etc.
    Bandungan fishing spot
  6. Bandungan Karaoke => The development of tourism in the Bandungan region was remarkable rapidly. This was evidenced by the growth of a wide range of facilities that exist in this region. One of the facilities which are now mushrooming is existence wide range of hotels, villas, inns, and karaoke located in the tourism area of Bandungan. While not denying that the presence of facilities such as karaoke and the hotel is also used by certain elements to provide facilities nasty form of comfort women. Yes, all back to each individual. If it's a hobby of singing, there is no harm in trying some karaoke families contained in Bandungan region together with your friends.
    Bandungan Karaoke
  7. Camp Rose => Tired of the usual tourism? You can try to tourism in a different way and different than usual. Tourism like this, one provided at Camp Rose. As the name suggests, in this tourist location you can invite the group either family, friends, work colleagues or others to camping at Camp Rose in beautiful mountain atmosphere. There is enough land to set up a tent at Camp Rose with spectacular views the form of hills and beautiful pine forest. With camping together, you can better familiarize the relationships within the group. If you do not want to bother to bring a tent, at Camp Rose also has provided tents to the rental system.
    Camp rose
  8. Susan Spa => It became one of the very interesting idea, namely indulge themselves with spa but above the height. Facilities such as this only will you find in Susan Spa. Susan Spa is located on the top of Bandungan market and has very beautiful natural scenery. Various facilities can be found in Susan Spa is like ballroom, cafe, restaurant, eden park, semi outdoor swimming pool, souvenir shop, sauna, fitness studio, wedding venue, and jacuzzi. Many visitors who are interested to do the spa, in the Susan Spa. That's because many tourists are tired of walking around enjoying the atmosphere of the mountains around Bandungan and want to pamper themselves with a spa.
    Susan spa
  9. Flower market => The area around Bandungan is an mountainous region that is developed as well as agrotourism. There is a wide range of products developed in Bandungan that most of the group horticulture form of vegetables, fruits and flowers. As a means to marketing wide range of products, so using the market, one of which is flower market Bandungan. This market was active in the early morning around 03:00 - 05:00 am. There are many different kinds of flowers that are sold in this market for instance is chrysanthemum, tuberose, gladiolus, jasmine, daisies, dahlia and rose. You can also buy these flowers in the flower market as souvenirs.
    Flower market
  10. Culinary tourism => As the closing of the discussion of tourist attractions around Bandungan we will convey culinary tourism which will certainly tempting. The food that you can enjoy as well as serve as souvenirs of Bandungan are fruits and vegetables which are sold in the market Bandungan. Fruits and vegetables this is a genuine product of Bandungan such as durian, tomatoes, chillies, peppers etc. Additionally there are some comestible and snacks are also typical Bandungan as Torakur which is a continuation of Tomato flavors date palm, tempe, getuk lipat, tahu serasi, etc.
    Culinary tourism Bandungan

Similarly was 10 of tourist attractions around Bandungan area, Semarang are quite popular among the people of Central Java. Bandungan tourist area is suitable as a holiday with the family. Besides there are many tourist location, access to tourist location Bandungan also very easy because it is close to Ungaran which is the regency capital of Semarang, Central Java.

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