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Enjoying the beautiful Colour lake

Enjoying the beautiful Colour lake in Dieng, Wonosobo - Dieng plateau region is an area in the district of Wonosobo and Banjarnegara which has dozens of amazing natural attractions. No wonder if the Dieng area referred to as the best tourism area in Central Java. Various tourist attractions in Dieng is also somewhat unique because it is not necessarily to be found in other areas. One of the tourist attractions in Dieng is very unique namely Colour lake (Telaga Warna). Named Colour lake because the water of this lake can change color to multiple colors such as red, blue, violet, white, and green. Discoloration in Colour lake Dieng caused by sulfur content is high enough so that at any given time can change color.

The location of Colour lake Dieng
Colour lake is located in the village of Dieng Wetan, Kejajar subdistrict, Wonosobo regency, Central Java, and is at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. To reach these attractions is easy, because in Dieng area almost all tourist attractions already installed directions. So that visitors can easily find it.

Colour lake

The beauty of scenery Colour lake Dieng
The beauty of scenery Colour lake Dieng is well known everywhere. Almost tourists who visit Dieng took time to visit the Colour lake. The atmosphere at Colour lake really calm and peaceful. In this lake rarely encountered food vendors, so that visitors can freely explore beauty of Colour lake. There are some spot that you can make as a background and take pictures with your spouse or friends. But be careful, do not let the fun take pictures then instead plunged into the lake. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere of the beautiful lake, visitors can also enjoy a tourism forest that surround the lake. To explore this forest has provided some sort of road made of stones laid out.

The myths about Colour lake
According to the myth that developed in the community Dieng about a variety of colors that appear on the surface Colour Lake, It is said that at ancient times there was a ring that belonged to a nobleman who falls to the bottom of the lake. Meanwhile, according to scientific studies, the colorful surface of the Colour Lake is a result of the refraction of light at the bottom of sulfur deposits Colour Lake. The dominant color appear on the surface Colour Lake is green, yellowish white color, and the blue sea.

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