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Tourist attraction Dampo Awang beach in Rembang

Dampo Awang beach tourism in downtown of Rembang - When talking about the tourist attractions in Rembang regency seems not be separated from one of the famous tourism these that is Dampo Awang beach. This beach is very easy to find because it is located right in downtown of Rembang. Dampo Awang beach has another very famous name that is Kartini Park. In fact there is also a mention with Kartini beach. That's because the first Dampo Awang beach has an official name is Kartini beach recreation park. After management is delegated to private parties was renamed the Dampo Awang Beach. So do not let one with beach tourism in Jepara.

Only by paying the entrance fee of IDR 5,000 was quite low and comparable to the charm of beauty. At the front of this beach, it appears a big building with the ancient architectural style of the Dutch colonial era buildings. The building is a public library. That said, in the past the building was used as a place to gather and celebrate the Dutch people. An interesting point, on the roof of this building ever found writing the numbers of year manufacture of this building, which is 1811. If it is true then the possibility of this building was made in the reign of Governor General HW Daendels (1808-1811) known as the initiator of the construction of street Anyer-Panarukan. Rembang is one of regency crossed by the legendary street.

Since 1945, this building was used by the church Protestants to worship. But because the longer the church was reduced, this building later functioned as park reading and libraries of local government. In late 2001, the roof of building collapsed and the only remaining pillars and walls. In its development, the building changed functions. In the back of this building there is place outbound game by utilizing the large and shady trees. In the around it there is a kind of mini zoo with collection of diverse animals ranging from peacocks, turtles, alligators, various birds, snakes, and so on. There are also a variety of games for children.

Dampo Awang beach

Facilities at the Dampo Awang beach
Awang Dampo beach including beach that has a lot of improvements done by the managers. So that the facility contained in it has also been constructed in such a way. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of facilities on the Dampo Awang beach as follows:
  • The white sandy beach
  • The entertainment stage
  • Children's playground
  • Dampo Awang anchor
  • Swimming pool
  • Water games (banana boat)
  • souvenir stalls
  • Anjungan
  • Swimming crocodile
  • Boat tours

Why is called Dampo Awang?
Dampo Awang name taken from the name of a giant anchor contained on this beach. Said that the story, first Sam Phoo Khong ever sailed across the Java Sea for the purpose of the expedition. But the vessel he was driving was hit by a wave of wild sea. As a result of this storm, regardless anchor chain and anchor stranded in Rembang. While screen of the ship blown by the wind until fall on the Bonang beach and came to be known as the stone of screen. Anchor is stranded in Rembang, supposedly right on the Dampo Awang beach. So this beach was given the name Dampo Awang beach. While the Dampo Awang anchor, currently on display at beach location and can be viewed by visitors.

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