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Tourist attraction Caruban beach in Rembang

Tourist attraction Caruban beach in Rembang - One more tourist attraction beach in Rembang regency which is worth a visit during the holidays, namely Caruban beach located on the Lasem. Caruban beach itself actually has an official name namely Gedong Berseri beach. But the general public was already familiar this beach with the name of Caruban beach. Caruban beach has natural scenery is not lost with Karang Jahe beach. On the Caruban beach also stretched vast white sand surrounded by beautiful pine trees. There are many visitors who flock to this beach especially during the holiday season arrives. The visitors who came were mostly using motorcycles and private cars. For a large group using the bus is still very sparse. That's because access to the Caruban beach itself is also not so great. If only to be crossed by car still can, but if the bus is rather difficult. Besides the existence of Caruban beach in Rembang is also limited only known resident of Rembang and its surroundings. So not many people from other areas who visit this beautiful beach.

Location of Caruban beach in Rembang
Caruban beach located in the village of Gedong Mulyo, subdistrict of Lasem, Rembang regency, Central Java, or rather in the north lane Rembang-Lasem. This beach distance from the highway is about 1.5 km.

Caruban beach in Rembang

Folklore behind the name of Caruban beach
According to the story spread in the village of Gedong Mulyo, supposedly first when Dampo Awang from China were sailing to bring medicines to be sold in the land of Java. In the middle of journey specifically in marine waters of Caruban, his medicine spilled and mixed with seawater. Dampo Awang trying to gather his medicine which has been spilled. At that time, Sunan Bonang was passing by and meet with Dampo Awang. Sunan Bonang know that Dampo Awang was gathering spill medicine that has been mixed with seawater. Sunan Bonang then meet him and eventually there was a debate between Sunan Bonang with Dampo Awang. Sunan Bonang say that something gathered by Dampo Awang is not medicine but water. Whereas Dampo Awang insist that something gathered by him is medicine and not water. So get out the phrase 'Bercarub Banyulah' appropriate word of Sunan Bonang. Then skirting of the beach known as 'Caruban' and finally the water is believed efficacious for treating disease.

Facilities of tourist attraction Caruban beach
Although still relatively new development, Caruban beach already has several facilities that aim to pamper the visitors. Such facilities of them are a large parking area, stalls selling a variety of food, public toilets and bathroom are also already on tourist location, Caruban beach. So for those of you who want to bathe on the beach do not have to worry about finding a place to change clothes.

The admission of price Caruban beach Rembang
To enter the tourist areas Caruban beach Rembang, for motorcycles will be charged a fee amounted to IDR 3,000. As for the car charged an entrance fee amounted to IDR 8,000.

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