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Enjoying sunrise in the Sikunir hill

Enjoying sunrise in the Sikunir hill, Dieng - Dieng Plateau is a plateau located in the district of Wonosobo and Banjarnegara. Dieng plateau is basically a giant volcano that in some parts of the Dieng plateau there are the volcanic craters that are still active. Dieng plateau storing various kinds of tourism potential is enormous. So if developed significantly, can increase local revenue significantly. One of the leading tourist attraction in the Dieng plateau is Sikunir hill. Sikunir hill offers the natural beauty of the landscape around the Dieng plateau from the top as well as the sunrise is amazing. The beauty of on a hilltop Sikunir making it dubbed the 'State Above Clouds'.

The location of the Sikunir hill, Dieng
Leading tourism of Sikunir hill located in the village of Sembungan, Kejajar subdistrict, Wonosobo regency. Sikunir hill has an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level and to reach it you have to climb a footpath for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The scenery in the Sikunir hill, Dieng
The scenery in the Sikunir hill is very remarkable. If you come at the right time, you can see the sunrise is decorated with a tinge of clouds in the morning and coupled with some of the mountains visible from the Sikunir hill. From the top of the Sikunir hill, you can see Mount Sindoro, Ungaran, Sumbing, Merapi and Merbabu. Sunrise on the Sikunir hill-Dieng, reputedly crowned the best sunrise in Central Java. That said, the best and most beautiful scenic spots in the Dieng plateau region is in Sikunir hill. But, to enjoy it, however, not easy because of course the sunrise will come in the early morning. So to enjoy the sunrise in the Sikunir hill, you must stay in Dieng.

Sunrise of Sikunir hill

There are the best times to enjoy the scenery in Sikunir hill, namely in the dry season or around July to August. But if a visit outside that month also did nothing. Even if you are lucky, you can find more amazing scenery because there are cumulus that surround the mountain around Dieng. So, you like seeing the state above the clouds. If you go to Dieng especially to Sikunir hill, strongly advised to use the services of a tour guide from the local villagers. That's because you certainly will be more secure if there is a special companion who experienced considering the terrain Sikunir hill is unusual.

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