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12 of the most interesting tourist attractions in Dieng

12 of the most interesting tourist attractions in Dieng - Dieng plateau is a mountainous region located in Central Java. Dieng plateau administratively entered into two regency namely Wonosobo regency and Banjarnegara regency. In Dieng area there are various kinds of natural phenomena peculiar and unique and beautiful landscape so it attracts many tourists to visit. According to sources from wikipedia, the Dieng plateau is an active volcanic region and can be regarded as a giant volcano that has multiple peaks and craters kepunden. This led in the Dieng plateau region there are various kinds of natural phenomena volcanic which is very interesting to learn.

Besides famous with the beautiful landscape and unique, Dieng plateau region is also famous with agricultural produce and agrotourism interesting. Dieng plateau famous with potato producer in Central Java. Potato result of Dieng area has enjoyed in various regions in Indonesia. Moreover in Dieng is also well known as a producer Purwaceng and Carica already well-known anywhere. As a reminder, Purwaceng is a kind of shrub plants used as herbal medicine believed to boost stamina and endurance. While the Carica is plant endemic in Dieng who fruit resemble papaya. But has a chewy texture, so it is good if used as sweetmeat and mixed materials drinks.

Okay just go ahead and in this article we will discuss about 12 tourist attractions contained in the Dieng plateau. Tourist attractions in Dieng which we discuss here is a mixture of tourist attractions included in the regency of Wonosobo and Banjarnegara. Indeed tourist attractions in Dieng area are managed by the Government of Wonosobo and Banjarnegara. But basically in general tourist attractions in Dieng can not be separated, because it becomes a single entity namely the Tourism Area Dieng plateau. Here are 12 of the most interesting tourist attractions in Dieng, namely :
  1. Sikunir hill => Tourist attraction Sikunir hill located in the village of Sembungan, which is a hill that has a panoramic view in the form of a beautiful sunrise. Sunrise on the Sikunir hill become one of the mainstay tour in Dieng plateau. The best time to enjoy the sunrise is around in July until August where in it is the dry season. So the sky will look cleaner and no rain. But because the scenery is enjoyed is the sunrise, then you should come to the spot observations Sikunir hill at dawn or early morning. Usually the tourists will stay at the inn, homestay or hotel that is widely available in around the Dieng plateau region.
    Sikunir hill
  2. Colour Lake => Another tourist destination in Dieng no less beautiful is the Colour Lake. Colour Lake in Dieng plateau is situated at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, where the scenery is very beautiful place. Colour Lake has its own uniqueness compared with other lakes in Indonesia. The uniqueness of the Colour Lake is the color of water change often, sometimes red, green, blue, white, and violet. A unique natural phenomenon in Colour Lake is because in this lake contain sulfur which is quite high. This sulfur when exposed to sunlight will cause the color to another.
    Colour Lake
  3. Pengilon lake => Not complete it if visiting tourist attraction in Dieng namely Colour Lake but not visiting Pengilon lake. Pengilon lake is a lake adjacent to Colour Lake. Uniquely though located adjacent to Colour Lake, Pangilon lake have different characteristics with Colour Lake. Pengilon lake have clear water color and no color like on Colour Lake. For photography fans will surely be pleased with the scenery around Colour Lake and Pengilon lake. Where there are lakes surrounded by hills lush and green.
    Pengilon lake
  4. Merdada lake => The beauty of Dieng area in Central Java was unmatched. This was evidenced by the many natural tourism ready to be enjoyed by visitors from different regions. Natural tourism that exist in Dieng one of which is in the form of a lake. There is one lake is a the largest lake in Dieng area namely Merdada lake. Merdada lake located in the village of Karangtengah, Batur subdistrict, Banjarnegara. Merdada lake when viewed from its shape resembles the former caldera volcanic eruption which was then inundated by water. The contours will be obvious when seen from a height.
    Merdada lake
  5. Sikidang crater => As explained in the beginning of the article that Dieng area is actually a giant volcano that there is still volcanic activity therein. One sign of this volcanic activity is the presence of some craters that there are in Dieng. One crater at Dieng is Sikidang crater. This crater has an area of about 200 square meters and located on flat ground. So that visitors can clearly see plumes of smoke coming out of this crater. But be careful because just like craters in general, in Sikidang crater also contains a high sulfur content. So as to maintain the security of visitors, tourism management already building a guardrail around the site of the crater, though only using wood.
    Sikidang crater
  6. Mountaineering Prau => Well if the mountaineering Prau is a tour exclusively addressed to you who like climbing the mountain or nature lovers. Just like other climbing, climbing the mountain Prau necessary for the preparation of a more mature. Especially physical readiness of the climbers themselves. Mountaineering Prau is not as popular mountaineering in the surrounding as Sumbing, Sindoro, Merapi and others. However Prau mountain has its own privileges and no less beautiful scenery. Hiking trail can be reached from Kendal or from Dieng area. Prau mountain peak altitude is 2,565 meters above sea level, quite short compared with other mountain. One of famous spot on the track mountaineering Prau is Teletubbies hill. Where in this hill there is a stretch of green pastures and resembles place in television show serial children namely Teletubbies.
    Mountaineering Prau
  7. Arjuna temple => Besides known as its beautiful natural tour, Dieng plateau region there are also cultural tourism in the form of temples. The temple is located at Dieng is Arjuna temple. Actually at this location not only Arjuna temple, but also there are other temples such as Semar temple, Puntadewa temple, Srikandi temple and Sembadra temple. So that this region known as Arjuna enshrinement region. Based on the inscriptions had been found in the Arjuna temple, the possibility of Arjuna temple built in the early ninth century.
    Arjuna temple
  8. Dieng plateau theater => Dieng plateau theater is one manifestation of the seriousness management Dieng area develop it into a favorite tourist destination in Central Java. Dieng plateau theater is a building that is quite magnificent in Dieng area. Where in this a place used as a place screening of documentary about the Dieng plateau. Dieng plateau theater has capacity of 60 seats. A documentary film which aired is entitled 'Earth Kahyangan Dieng Plateau' with a duration of 20 minutes. How, interested? Indeed, it feels incomplete when visiting tourism Dieng, but did not visit the Dieng plateau theater.
    Dieng plateau theater
  9. Substation of view Tieng => Tourist attraction substation of view Tieng is a building located on the edge of the highway in the area of Dieng. The building was used as a place to enjoy the scenery in Dieng area is very beautiful. The view from this spot is very attractive, especially at namely time of the morning at sunrise. The substation of view has an altitude of about 1,700 above sea level. From this place you can see the scenery of Sindoro mountain and Kembang mountain. And expanse of agricultural land belonging to the community that looks lush.
    Substation of view Tieng
  10. Stone Ratapan Angin => Tourist attraction stone Ratapan Angin is a cliff at an altitude that is located adjacent to the Colour Lake, Dieng Plateau region. This place became one of the favorite tourist visitors Dieng because from this place, you can see the Colour Lake and Pengilon lake from height. Can be imagined see the two lakes from height, must have been very nice natural beauty here. However because it is rather high, it took extra effort to reach this place. But after arriving at the top, will be paid by the beauty presented in the stone Ratapan Angin. Stone Ratapan Angin is also often called the stone of view Dieng.
    Stone Ratapan Angin
  11. Cebong lake => Besides Colour Lake, other tourist destination in the Dieng region is Cebong lake. This lake is situated in the village of Sembungan which is the highest village in Central Java. So usually the tourists after enjoying the sunrise at the peak of Sikunir, when he returned to stop by the Cebong lake because it was not far from Sikunir. Here you can enjoy the natural beauty of natural lakes who the surrounding there are agricultural lands belonging to residents so it adds to the beauty of the Cebong lake. With its location above 2,300 meters above sea level, so many say that the Cebong lake is a lake above the cloud.
    Cebong lake
  12. Jalatunda well => Jalatunda well in Dieng is a natural phenomenon that is very interesting to learn. Jalatunda well in Dieng has a diameter of 90 meters which according to the experts say that these well formed from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. This former eruption then form the craters as well. Gradually this hole filled with water until today. This well is still rarely visited by tourists because of the location of the Jalatunda well rather hidden. To come to the Jalatunda well, visitors must climb the rungs a number of 257 pieces first.
    Jalatunda well

Thus was information about 12 of the most interesting tourist attractions in Dieng. Besides the famous natural attractions, if you visit to Dieng do not forget to enjoy a unique culinary Wonosobo regency. There are many culinary delights, one of which is Ongklok noodles and beef satay. Wonosobo typical food sold in many food stalls in the corner of Wonosobo, Central Java.

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