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Traveling to the beautiful Guamanik Pecatu beach

Traveling to the beautiful Guamanik Pecatu beach - There's more beauty revealed from Jepara city that is the beauty of the Guamanik Pecatu beach. Guamanik Pecatu beach located south of the Portuguese fort, subdistrict of Donorojo, Jepara regency, Central Java. The location of this beach, adjacent to the location of the Portuguese fort. Even the beach is fused only limited by the small river. At the end of the south beach Guamanik Pecatu, there is a fairly high hills overgrown by wild trees.

Guamanik Pecatu beach

Guamanik Pecatu beach, the beach with a very beautiful hilly background. In this beach you can see and enjoy the beauty of the sea dotted with stretch of white sand so clean and pretty. Not only that, here you can do various activities such as playing on the beach, stroll around the hill or even tracking up the hill to see the scenic beauty of the Portuguese fort and Mandalika island. On the beach there is also a motor cross arena and there are also gazebos are also food stalls sitting on the floor. So that you will feel pampered with natural beauty and also the existing facilities on the Guamanik Pacatu beach. So the beach is suitable for your vacation. Many visitors who come to this beach from the adults, adolescents and children. Beautiful panorama, presented by Guamanik Pecatu beach and also a wide variety of games as well as culinary are typical of this place will be a main attraction for the tourists who want to visit this beach.

So you do not have to worry anymore to choose where to spend your weekend with family. Because here you will be pampered with a variety of beauty as the scenery of sea is so beautiful equipped stretch of white sand. You can also see the surrounding hills and the beauty of Portuguese fort and Mandalika island. Pecatu Guamanik beach no less beautiful with other beaches in the city of Jepara. Hopefully this information is useful and an inspiration for those of you who want to vacation. Happy Holidays to the tourist attractions Guamanik Pecatu beach is beautiful.

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