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The beauty of sunset on the Telukawur beach

Tourist attraction Telukawur beach in Jepara - There are beautiful beaches and interesting place to visit in regency of Jepara is Telukawur beach. This beach is located in the village of Telukawur, Jepara regency, within 4 kilometers from the downtown of Jepara. On this beach, there are many mangrove trees which serves as a barrier to abrasion and also as a place of shade. Telukawur beach is a tourist attraction that is inexpensive alternatives, because to enjoy the beauty of this beach visitors not charged (Free).

Telukawar beach, the water is still natural, clean and clear because this beach is far from passing ships and fishing boats. Here is also often used as traditional events such as parties race and also the race beach, which attract many tourists to witness the event. As well as on Sunday this beach is visited by many travelers from Jepara own community or even tourists from outside the city of Jepara who want to see and enjoy the beauty of the Telukawar beach. Here visitors can also enjoy the beach water is so clear and clean with a swim at the beach. In addition, the Telukawar beach believed to be a shower that can cure various skin diseases by the local community. Here visitors can also satisfy the hobby fishing. There are also the facilities offered at the beach resort of Telukawur-Jepara, namely:
  • Flying Fish
  • Banana Boat
  • Inner tube
  • Jet sky

Telukawar beach

Unfortunately, there is less awareness of the visitors. Thereby making this beach, now becomes dirty and on the outskirts of beach there are many trash scattered about. It makes the beauty of the Telukawur beach be reduced. Very poor beach conditions make the visitors uncomfortable and still a lot of garbage scattered on this beach. Perhaps because there is no levy visitors when entering this beach. So the lack of funds to manage this beach. But this beach dirty condition, defeated by Sunset beautiful panorama here and you have to try to come to this beach to enjoy the Sunset is so beautiful. Should we as visitors need to be aware and more able to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of this beach. Rather than making dirty and damage. In addition, the lack of development undertaken by the government led to this beach is still lacking public facilities such as resorts, cafes, hotels and so on.

For those of you who want to know the beauty and activities that can be done on the Telukawur beach, you can come directly to this beach as an alternative to the location of beaches in Jepara is already very well known such as Kartini beach and also Bandengan beach. But remember keep the cleanliness and beauty, congratulations to visit.

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