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The beauty of Kartini beach tourism in Jepara

The beauty of Kartini beach tourism in Jepara, Central Java - Jepara city known Kartini city because the city of Jepara is the hometown hero of Raden Ajeng Kartini rich in tourist beauty and natural charm. Jepara city has many tourist attractions that attract the tourists to visit this town, and among the tourist attractions in the form of beautiful nature. There is a tourist place in the city of Jepara occupying the top level with the visitors so much namely Kartini beach tourist attraction. Kartini Beach is located about 2 kilometers from the city center Jepara. Address precisely located in the village of Bulu, subdistrict of Jepara, Jepara, Central Java province. Do not be mistaken with Kartini beach in Rembang. If in Rembang, its name is Kartini Park despite also located near the beach.

Turtle Ocean Park

On the Kartini beach there are a lot of beauty and buildings such as stage building which is used as a place for concert bands. There was also a building in the form of a giant turtle, dubbed by Turtle Ocean Park. This building consists of two floors, the first floor contains a giant aquarium while on the second floor there is a 3D audio-visual equipment. To enter the Turtle Ocean Park, you pay entrance fee IDR 5,000/person on weekdays and on holidays you have to pay IDR 17,500/person. You can see the Kartini beach from behind the building of the giant turtle. Interesting is not it? This place is perfect for your vacation spot and the place is also very good for photo hunting. But you have to queue up to get a nice photo and beautiful scenery, because many of the visitors who want to pose or take a nice background.

Kartini beach

In addition to the two buildings, there are again nice place and neat for being the object of your photos because here it would seem beach, namely pictures taken in writing Pantai Kartini. To get to the tourist attraction Kartini beach, you can start your journey from the bus station Jepara, from there to get to the location you can use public transportation such as buses and you will be charged at IDR 4,000/trip. Because of its natural beauty, it was not complete if you come to Jepara regency but did not visit the Kartini beach. May the beauty of the coastal tourist information Kartini Jepara, Central Java, useful and good visit Kartini beach.

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