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The light of heaven from cave Jomblang

Jomblang cave tours in Yogyakarta - The exact location of the cave Jomblang is located in the district of Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta. But since entering the territory of Yogyakarta province, many people call the cave Jomblang was in Yogyakarta. Jomblang cave is a tourist cave that has the charm of natural beauty which is very pretty. Jomblang cave is also referred to as the light of heaven. Because if you browse this cave area you will find interesting enough uniqueness of the Jomblang cave is in the form of light coming from the mouth of the cave which is located at the top of the cave. Not only that, this Jomblang cave also looks very beautiful, because the cave is covered with green trees in it, where it will give the charm of its own beauty is the main attraction of the cave tours Jomblang. cave atmosphere combined with cool air from the trees in the cave that will in turn make you feel comfortable. How? Are you interested in traveling to cave Jomblang? If so, let you see the first review Jomblang caving in Yogyakarta following reference your vacation.

Cave Jomblang from outside

The location of place Jomblang caving Yogyakarta
Tourist attractions Jomblang Yogyakarta cave located in the village Jetis Wetan, Semanu, Gunung Kidul or within 10 km from the city Wonosari.

Access to the tourist attractions cave Jomblang
Access to the location cave Jomblang very easy, you can use public transportation. If you are from out of town just a bus ride to the bus station Giwangan Yogyakarta. From the bus station Giwangan, take the bus majors Wonosari. Then proceed to Semanu districts and then to the location of cave Jomblang.

Beauty of the tourist attractions cave Jomblang
Cave Jomblang become tourist attractions paradise of light has its own uniqueness with a tunnel formed is naturally. This hallway is the liaison between cave Jomblang with cave Grubug, which looks very beautiful, and it certainly will meet in cave Jomblang. Also in the cave Jomblang tourist attractions you can witness a brownish green stalagmites which became most amazing scenery. Well as sunlight can penetrate the darkness of the cave that became a phenomenon is very unique and extraordinary exotic. Cave Jomblang presenting the charm of scenery spectacular tourist attractions where the sunlight can illuminate the stalactites and stalagmites, so it makes the ground floor of cave Jomblang look so very beautiful. A heavenly light that is created in cave Jomblang deserves to be visited with the family or your friends. Hopefully Jomblang caving in Yogyakarta become your most enjoyable vacation.

Cave Jomblang

To enjoy the beauty of cave Jomblang is certainly not easy. Cave Jomblang is a vertical-type cave collapse doline. To enter the cave Jomblang whose height of 60 meters you should have great guts and it took a single rope technique capabilities. You also must use special equipment in accordance with safety standards caving in vertical cave and must be accompanied by a officer cave that has experienced.

History of tourist attractions cave Jomblang
According to local people, ancient cave Jomblang been used as the location of the mass murder of PKI members. Indeed, at that time after the events of G 30 S/PKI, the government through a military conducted a purge of PKI members by way of mass killings in several locations. In this Jomblang cave the prisoners to be executed lined up at the entrance cave with his hands tied to one another. If one person was shot and fell so that another party will also fall to the bottom cave. This story makes the atmosphere into a haunted cave, compounded by some of the events, the loss of cave explorers in this Jomblang cave. In 1990 the local community held a joint prayer in the cave Jomblang and after that he was no longer missing cave explorers. Cave Jomblang first explored by Acintyacunyata Speleological Club (ASC) or a group of cave explorers in Yogyakarta in 1984.

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